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NFL Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning is Back


If anyone is still wondering why the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning, please see Monday night versus the San Diego Chargers. I’ve been watching Broncos football for 35 years and there have been some great regular season wins in Broncos history, but this one is up there.

The Broncos were thirty minutes away from just playing out the season, and now they are in control of the AFC West with the favorable part of their schedule in front of them. Time will tell but the season for the Broncos changed in the second half on Monday night. A loss and the meaningful part of the season is over, but with that comeback the Broncos have to be considered the favorite to win the division.

Back to Manning, if he continues to play like that and the Broncos clean up some dumb mistakes then the Broncos will be a team to reckon with heading down the stretch. It’s hard to imagine anyone questioning Manning and his health anymore; he was in another zone in the second half. It took a bogus offensive pass interference call to stop Manning. Without that call, Manning probably throws another touchdown pass to put the game away at that point.

Over the past four weeks, no quarterback is playing better than Manning and if he continues to play like that then no one is going to remember that he even had neck surgery.

The Denver Broncos are now in control of the AFC West and this should propel them over the last ten games. Back on March 20th when the Broncos signed Manning, this is what they had in mind. It was a tough six games to open the season, but the Broncos have survived and head into the bye in first place. He’s BACK!

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