Philadelphia Eagles Fire Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo: Is Andy Reid Next?

By Joe Doris
David Richard-US Presswire

The Philadelphia Eagles fired controversial defensive coordinator Juan Castillo today, following their overtime loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

I say controversial not because Castillo is outspoken or is morally questionable, but just for the fact that he was ever hired as defensive coordinator.

Before being promoted to the D-coordinator position, Castillo was the Eagles’ offensive line coach.

Odd transition, don’t you think?

That is exactly what I was thinking when I originally heard of the promotion, and now after the Eagles’ fourth quarter collapse and subsequent overtime loss in Week 6, my skepticism seems to have held water.

Castillo’s canning is the result of the Eagles’ defensive unit giving up 17 fourth quarter points to QB Matthew Stafford and the Lions, after only allowing 6 points in the first three quarters combined. This was simply the last straw for Castillo.

Even though the Eagles’ defense hasn’t really been terrible, they are just greatly underachieving as a whole. Their passing and rushing defenses are both in the middle of the pack, ranked 15th in the NFL in each category. The defense is ranked 12th in total yards allowed.

For such a highly paid, highly praised defensive unit, their standing in the league is truly embarrassing.

Though Castillo’s firing is certainly warranted, the move by the Eagles should bring about great concern for the fans in Philly. Usually, once such a serious change is made to an NFL team mid-season, there is not an immediate positive impact, but instead a sense of giving up hope.

Hopefully this isn’t the case for the 2012 Eagles, who are not out of the playoff race by any means, sitting at a very modest 3-3.

Eagles’ secondary coach Todd Bowles will take over as defensive coordinator in the wake of Castillo’s termination.

Now there’s a promotion that makes sense. Defensive secondary coach, now defensive coordinator. There you go Eagles – now you’re getting it.

Now the next man on the hot seat in the Eagles’ organization is pretty obvious. He has been for years, and in recent press conferences has seemed to be nervous and in damage-control mode.

Were you thinking head coach Andy Reid? Exactly right.

Reid really must turn this team around fast, or else every single week the cries will grow louder in Philly, calling for his removal.

The way I see it, if the Eagles are still holding a .500 record ten games into the season, Reid will be canned mid-season. And if the Eagles fail to make the playoffs, then he will be let go at season’s end.

There is really no more leeway for the head coach. This is his last chance.

And if the Eagles don’t make immediate improvements, Reid can start to pack his bags.


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