Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Fired The Wrong Person

By Carl Conrad

Well, it seems as if Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has initiated operation “throw ‘em under the bus”.  Earlier this morning, the organization announced that defensive coordinator Juan Castillo has been relieved of his duties, with secondary coach Todd Bowles being promoted to coordinator.

The timing of the move makes sense, as the Eagles have their bye week this week, giving them some extra time to get acclimated to Bowles at the helm of the defense. Reid has said over the last few days that he would evaluate all aspects of the team and make any necessary changes.

The most shocking part about this move is the fact that Reid has been a staunch supporter of Castillo since promoting him to coordinator last year. It’s obvious, however, that this defense is not performing as well as it could be. They have been the bright spot of the team, but with only 7 sacks through 6 games, something isn’t working as it should be. The team is currently minus 9 in turnover differential, but that is due to the huge number of giveaways by the offense in addition the inability of the defense to take the ball away.The fact that they surrendered 10 points in the final 5 minutes of the game against the Detroit Lions was obviously the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Reid said in a statement “I want to make it clear that I have nothing but the ultimate respect for Juan Castillo as a coach and as a person. He’s one of the finest football coaches that I have ever worked with. He has served the organization extremely well for 18 years and letting him go was a difficult decision. I know he will continue to be a successful coach in this league and wish he and his family nothing but the best.”

To me, this move reeks of desperation. Reid knows that he is coming dangerously close to losing his job and felt the need to find a scapegoat. This time, the goat just so happened to be Juan Castillo. As with most scapegoats, Castillo isn’t the biggest problem, however. If Andy really wants to turn things around, he’ll bench quarterback Michael Vick.

Fans will say there is no way the Eagles can bench Vick because they would then have to rely on a rookie to win games. Look around the NFL; there are rookies winning games left and right. There’s no reason that Nick Foles can’t successfully lead this high powered offense.

Vick has 13 turnovers on the year (5 fumbles and 8 interceptions), while the Eagles, as a team, only have 17. The only qb he is ahead of in that regard is Matt Casell, who has been absolutely atrocious this year. Vick also has a 77.7 qb rating. Looking at the stats, there’s not a whole lot for Foles to live up to in order to be considered successful.

If Andy Reid really wants to put this team in the best position to succeed, he will give Nick Foles a shot to lead them to the playoffs.


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