Top 10 Babies In The NFL Today

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Here are the Top 10 Babies in the NFL


Every sport has a group of players that just seem to aggravate us. They complain or annoy us with the way they behave or with the attitude they bring to the game and their teammates. In short, they are big babies. No, I’m not talking about Glen Davis of the NBA but I am talking about the NFL and its players. Rest assured Tim Tebow fans, he is not on this list. Annoying because of the coverage he gets, yes, but he’s not a complainer or a bad guy so he gets a pass.

Some of these guys complain about not getting a penalty call, while others just seem to have a bad attitude or have those facial expressions that make us fans cringe. Whatever our reasoning is, the players on this list just tell us to say, “what a baby.” We’ll then go straight to twitter or Facebook to get our opinions out and find that many people agree with us.

Some of the names on this list may surprise you, while others will seem extremely obvious. In fact, if you are reading this right now I bet you can think of a handful of players on this list without even trying and you would be correct. So get you tissues and diapers ready for the biggest babies in the NFL; and if you disagree with any of them, don’t come crying to me or I just may make a list of the biggest fans who are babies and can’t take the criticism of their favorite players.

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Victor Cruz is number 10

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Victor Cruz is 10th on the list and I know there may be bigger babies in the NFL but this is more about putting it out there that Cruz needs to stop whining about players mocking his salsa dance if they make a play against the Giants. It’s nice that he does the dance for his grandmother who passed away but how about doing something else for her memory, you know, like going down on a knee and praying? Unless he thinks other players who do that would be “stealing” from him too?

Cruz complains when players like Dez Bryant or Carlos Rogers do the dance and call them disrespectful. Well I got news for you Victor, if you don’t want to be mocked, don’t do the dance yourself. If you can do it, why can’t somebody else? Don’t be such a hypocrite and a baby, if you don’t want someone to salsa dance, don’t do the dance. Then you won't have to worry about it.

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Aaron Rodgers in at 9


At number 9 is Aaron Rodgers, who is getting to be a bigger and bigger baby by the day. Last year he was chastised the media about their coverage on how the Packers weren’t getting together for player led off-season workouts during the lockout. Then when Green Bay started the season undefeated, he constantly wanted to rub everyone’s face in it that the Packers didn’t need the workouts.

Fast forward to this year and Rodgers was a baby about the loss to Seattle and this week he did an interview with NBC’s Michelle Tafoya after the Packers big win over the Houston Texans and answered a question like a child. When asked what he had to say to anyone who criticized the Packers so far during this season, Rodgers said one word to say, “shhh.” What a child. Grow up Mr. Rodgers and maybe you’ll end up in a different neighborhood than the one reserved for babies.

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DeAngelo Hall is number 8

Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall comes in at number 8. Every week there’s an issue with Hall, whether is a fight he gets into with an opposing wide receiver or even his own teammates, Hall always has an issue. This week he apparently slapped Adrian Peterson in the face after a tackle, which he has since denied. A few years ago he complained that TO spit in his face; however no evidence of that has been seen. Hall needs to concentrate on playing better football because if he continues to get any worse, the tears will continue to flow.

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Saints QB Drew Brees in 7th


The 7th biggest baby in the NFL right now is Drew Brees. He’s been great for the city of New Orleans but he held the team over the coals for his new contract when what they were offering was more than fair. He also has been extremely vocal over the punishment from the Saints bounty program even though they are as guilty as can be. Every chance he gets he tweets about commissioner Roger Goodell instead of taking responsibility for his teams actions. By the way, he wanted to see and hear any tapes that filmmaker Sean Pamphilon had before he released them. Those actions don’t scream innocent to me. Stop being a baby Drew and accept what your team did.

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Santonio Holmes comes in at 6


Santonio Holmes is the 6th biggest baby in the NFL. It’s a good thing he’s hurt right now or we would keep hearing him complain about the Jets offense and how the quarterbacks don’t throw him the ball enough. He had a meltdown in Miami at the end of last year and then denied it. He blamed the media for making something out of nothing when everyone knew he was a problem. The Steelers got rid of him because they knew who Holmes was as a person and good organizations don’t get rid of talented players. They get rid of children who they are tired of dealing with. Holmes is one of the biggest babies in the NFL.

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Fantasy Football players are 5th


The 5th biggest baby, or should I say group of babies, are the fantasy football owners. There’s always a sob story about how they lose a game or week, or how they made the wrong decision with their lineup. Yup, I’m included in this group too! Do you know how much time and energy is used on a fake game that is supposed to be fun but ends up being a total nightmare for most people? It’s evil, frustrating and addicting and it makes friends act like children. Fantasy football players are some of the biggest babies associated with the NFL.

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Cam Newton is 4


The 4th biggest baby is Cam Newton. Everything is fine and dandy with Newton when things are going good. However, when things aren’t going well for the quarterback, he pouts and acts like a baby. During a game against the New York Giants a few weeks ago, teammate Steve Smith had to tell Newton to stop sulking and grow up. Last year when the Panthers were losing and Newton was having big games we rarely saw him pout. Now that he’s struggling and the team is losing we see Cam acting like a baby.

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Philip Rivers is 3rd on the list

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

The 3rd biggest baby in the NFL is Philip Rivers. Rivers is another player who is good when things go his way but when the Chargers aren’t doing well, he goes into the tank. You can routinely see him upset with teammates and he ignores head coach Norv Turner when he tries to talk to him. Rivers also acts like a child when he fights with opposing teams quarterbacks like Jay Cutler. Speaking of quarterbacks who are babies and Jay Cutler, guess who is number two on the list?

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Jay Cutler is the runner-up at 2


Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler rolls in at number 2 and this one is obvious. Just ask his offensive lineman who he likes to cuss out. When Cutler has a bad game, everyone can see it on his face and in his childish actions. He’s undone the chinstraps on his helmet and yelled at his teammates on many occasions. Cutler has also had words with opposing players and his coaches. Watching Cutler makes it pretty easy to see why he comes in as the number 2 baby in the NFL.

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Jonathan Vilma is the Top Baby in the NFL

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

The number 1 baby to me is Jonathan Vilma. His pursuit of supposed innocence is deplorable, as is his attacks on Roger Goodell, and they make him look like a baby. There are audio tapes, ledgers with payout and two coaches who have all said there was a play for injury program in New Orleans. You were one of the ring leaders; none of this is questionable. Yet you continue to plead your innocence and childish behavior through your tweets. Vilma is a liar and a baby who can’t take his punishment for getting caught and for that, Jonathan Vilma is the biggest baby in the NFL. Someone fit him for adult diapers already!

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