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Chris Kluwe Poses In OUT Magazine To Show Support For Same Sex Marriage


Chris Kluwe is one of the most outspoken football players. That is certainly not a bad thing as the Minnesota Vikings punter is a huge advocate for same sex marriage. In order to really drive the point home, Kluwe posed in OUT Magazine to show his support for the cause.

“To me, this fight is about equality and human rights,” Kluwe recently told CNN. “The fact is, there are Americans who pay taxes and serve in our military — who defend this country — who do not receive the same legal protections as the rest of us. To me, that’s flat-out discrimination. That’s the same as segregation or suffrage.”

Some people are not fans of Kluwe taking a stance like this.  However, he realizes that he can be more than an athlete.  So many athletes these days are afraid to speak out on issues because they fear it might hurt their brand.  However, Kluwe believes that being an advocate for this cause is something worth fighting for.

He has gotten into a couple notable arguments about the subject, including one with former teammate Matt Birk.  Kluwe is willing to debate anyone on this topic and he brings a lot of solid points to the table.  There is nothing wrong with an athlete standing up for a right that he believes in.

I give Kluwe a lot of props for speaking out on such a sensitive subject.  He is actually using his place as a well-know figure to fight for equality.  Kind of a refreshing change of pace.