Grading Starting Rookie QBs After 6 Weeks

By Emily Gruver
Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Robert Griffin III

Grade: A

Vs.New Orleans Saints-19/26 320 YDS 2 TDs

Vs. St. Louis Rams-20/29 209 YDS 1 TD 1 INT

Vs. Cincinnati Bengals-21/34 221 YDS 1 TD

Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-26/35 323 YDS

Vs. Atlanta Falcons-10/15 91 YDS

Vs. Minnesota Vikings-17/22 182 YDS 1 TD 1 INT

Just after Griffin’s first NFL game, we could tell he is going to be one of the most exciting players to watch in this league. Griffin has impressed everyone so far with his smart throws, strong arm and great runs. This guy is the full package and everyone is looking forward to seeing how he progresses in the NFL. Other teams better watch out for this up and coming superstar.

Andrew Luck

Grade: A

Vs. Chicago Bears-23/45 309 YDS 1 TD 3 INTs

Vs.  Vikings-20/31 224 YDS 2 TDs

Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars-22/46 313 YDS 2 TDs 1 INT

Vs. Green Bay Packers-31-55 362 YDS 2 TDs 1 INT

Vs. New York Jets22/44 280 YDS 2 INTs

So far this season, Luck has been pretty impressive, but I think many people expected more out of him. Luck has been struggling with throwing interceptions that have been very costly. To have a successful season and career, Luck needs to limit his interceptions and if he can do that, I believe that he will be another great quarterback in the NFL because of his smarts. In his most recent performance (an upset of the Packers) he showed them he was clutch, he was a leader and that he could possibly be an elite QB in this league very soon.

Russell Wilson

Grade: B-

Vs. Arizona Cardinals-18/34 153 YDS 1 TD 1 INT

Vs. Dallas Cowboys-15/20 151 YDS 1 TD

Vs. Packers-10/21 130 YDS 2 TDs

Vs. Rams-17/25 160 YDs 3 INTs

Vs. Carolina Panthers-19/25 221 YDS 1 TD 2 INTs

Vs. New England Patriots-16/27 293 YDS 3 TDs

After the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn in the off-season and drafted Wilson with their third-round pick, many people thought Flynn would easily get the starting job, but that didn’t happen. Wilson has been pretty impressive so far, especially for being a third-round draft pick and taking the leadership role so quickly, but of course, Wilson does have his flaws that he can hopefully fix pretty soon. I think a lot of people are very interested in seeing how Wilson performs for the rest of this season and his career.

Brandon Weeden

Grade: C+

Vs. Philadelphia Eagles-12/35 118 YDS 4 INTs

Vs.  Bengals-26/37 322 YDS 2 TDs

Vs. Buffalo Bills-27/43 237 YDS 1 TD 2 INTs

Vs. Baltimore Ravens-25/52 320 YDS 1 INT

Vs. New York Giants-22/35 291 YDS 2 TDs 2 INTs

Vs. Bengals-17/29 231 YDS 2 TDs 1 INT

Weeden has looked pretty good so far but also very inconsistent while throwing way too many interceptions. Now that the Cleveland Browns are 1-5, they need Weeden to step up more than ever. If Weeden can play very good on a consistent basis, then Cleveland might be a .500 team as early as next season.

Ryan Tannehill

Grade: C

Vs. Houston Texans-20/36 219 YDS 3 INT

Vs. Oakland Raiders-18/30 200 YDS 1 TD

Vs. Jets-16/36 196 YDS 1 INT

Vs. Cardinals-26/41 431 YDS 1 TD 2 INT

Vs.  Bengals-17/26 223 YDS

Vs. St. Louis Rams-21/29 185 YDS 2 TD

Right now, I am still not sold on Tannehill. He has thrown too many interceptions and is very inconsistent.  I think he has talent and potential, but it will take him a little longer to adjust to the NFL level than the other starting rookie quarterbacks.

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