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NFL Power Rankings: Grimaldi’s Grades

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Ben Grimaldi's NFL Power Rankings

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It’s Wednesday during the NFL season and that means its power rankings time. This week we will see a shift in a few teams that we thought were pretty good, only to get knocked down a few spots because of losses. Other teams will be rising up the NFL power charts coming off of big wins. I’m sure you can guess a few of them but as always, a loss or a win doesn’t necessarily move a team that much. If fact, in the top 10 you will probably see the same teams you have for the past few weeks, only in a different order.

We are now 6 weeks into the season and the guessing as to who is the best team in the NFL is still a mystery but my best guess will be put forward. We watch the games every week because we don’t truly know who is going to win on any given Sunday. This week’s winners and top teams may not be the same teams we’re talking about next week; the NFL is very funny like that. A team can outplay an opponent for most of the game only to lose on the scoreboard and it can be due to many factors. The way a team plays on the road or at home, and the quality of the opponent all matter when considering the power rankings.

You may not like where you team lands on this list but don’t worry, there’s always next week!

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Browns at 29

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32. JAGUARS: Not much movement for a team that had a bye week.

31. CHIEFS: No idea what is wrong with this team that ended last year on a good note, well, I guess a real QB couldn’t hurt.

30. PANTHERS: They are struggling on both sides of the ball but a bye week usually helps.

29. RAIDERS: Same old story for Oakland, struggling to find a rhythm on both sides of the ball.

28. BROWNS: I think this is a team on the way up, not much higher but a competitive team. More carries are needed for Richardson.

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New York Jets are 25th


27. COLTS: Last week didn’t look good but after an emotional win I think the Colts are on their way up too.

26. BILLS: They’ve got the weapons on offense but what happened to an improved defense?

25. JETS: Last week was an aberration; they’ll struggle to find an offense.

24. TITANS: A nice win on Thursday when a few skill players got going, can it continue?

23. BUCS: The offense is coming together and they’ve played hard every week.

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A big Lions win puts them at 22


22. LIONS: Got a gift from Philly but sometimes that what it takes to get your team going.

21. RAMS: This team is better than you think and no longer a defensive pushover. They’ve played some of the best defenses in football, look for the offense to improve.

20. SAINTS: Yes they’re 1-4 but they are coming off the bye week with a win and getting healthy.

19. REDSKINS: They finally won at home and beat a good Vikings team. RGIII still impresses despite what Cowboy Jared says.

18. CARDINALS: They lost a tough game at home to Buffalo, can’t put them any higher.

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The Dolphins are higher than you think


17. COWBOYS: They played a good game in a loss. Still too many mistakes but if they can clean up some things they are a good football team. Dumb but talented.

16. CHARGERS: Yes they blew the game on Monday but they also got out to a big lead. When Norv learns to ride his elite runner, they’ll win consistently.

15. STEELERS: 2-3 isn’t impressive, nor is their injury list but the coach is darn good and knows how to win.

14. BENGALS: Another team that lost last week but they are pretty good on offense.

13. EAGLES: Seems high to me because they have a ton of issues but they’ve managed to win some of those games.

12. DOLPHINS: Yup, you are seeing it right, they are number 12. Their defense got them here; they’ve got a good coach and an offense that is improving.

11. VIKINGS: Tough to win on the road, especially when you don’t protect the football. Still think they’re a good team.

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Denver cracks the top 10


10. BRONCOS: A nice comeback brought on by the defense, not all Payton Manning as ESPN wants you to believe. Soft schedule coming up too.

9. PATRIOTS: Not their best game but Seattle can be tough for a lot of teams. Will bury the Jets this week.

8. RAVENS: Sorry, can’t put a team who can’t stop anyone any higher. Good team, especially at home. Not a top 5 team, sorry.

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The Packers climb to number 6


7. SEAHAWKS: 4-2 says it all. Good win against NE but tougher test against the 49ers this week.

6. PACKERS: Great win last week, dominant performance. If D plays like that all the time they are tough to beat.

5. BEARS: Great week last week, ya know, you can never lose on a bye!

4. TEXANS: They didn’t play well, but the Packers had something to do with it. Still a very good team.

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The Giants take the top spot

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3. NINERS: Another team who had an off week against a good opponent. Alex Smith returned to a game manager and didn’t manage well.

2. FALCONS: Another great escape! Finding a way to win is never bad, just ask Cowboys fans.

1. GIANTS: Tough test on the road and they passed. Tom Coughlin probably the best coach in the game and they finally got a win no one can criticize. No lucky bounce or fumble went their way. A great win.