NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie Never Liked Juan Castillo As Defensive Coordinator



A day after the firing of Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, the blame game continues to circle around the city of Brotherly Love. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie told the Philadelphia Daily News that he never liked the idea of hiring Castillo, on offensive coach for his career, to run the defense.

When asked if he had any worries about Castillo’s ability to coach the defense here’s what Lurie had to say, “Yes I did…But I let Andy make that call.  I respected his decision.  He felt it was the best thing to do at the time, and I don’t interfere in that area.”

And we thought Jerry Jones was the only owner who liked to talk openly about his coaches.

I think what Lurie is saying what the majority of people, Eagles fans especially, are saying about the decision to hire Castillo. It never made sense to have a coach who has only coached the offense suddenly switch sides of the ball. The move worked out about as well as the moustache on Andy Reid’s face is working.

Perhaps the bigger question is why did the owner allow the move to be made if he was so skeptical in the first place? Lurie had an answer for that as well, “The way I operate, a coach is responsible for his staff,” Lurie said.  “[He needs to] succeed or fail based on who he chooses and his own performance.  I don’t trigger that.”

I think most people would agree that a coach needs to have the ability to hire his own staff but it also appears as though Lurie felt strongly the decision wasn’t a smart one.

With all that’s happened in Philadelphia this year, it could mean Lurie is thinking about making a change in the coach who makes those decisions.

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