NFL Week 7: Tennessee Titans Injury Report

By Stephanie Umek
Tennessee Titans vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Don’t overlook them because their record is 2-4, the Tennessee Titans are making a comeback in the AFC South. There are only two teams in the AFC with winning records, so when you look at the conference, it’s not a big deal that the record is the way it is.

The Tennessee Titans do need to get healthy though. They have another road game coming up this week against the Buffalo Bills and there are already players that will not play in that game. First and foremost the starting quarterback Jake Locker will not start for the third week in a row. Matt Hasselbeck will take the lead here in hopes to get the ball rolling for Tennessee.

Jake Locker will be back though, he took his first partial practice today showing signs on improvement. It’s going to be another thing though if the Titans get on a run with Hasselbeck in the driver’s seat. That will be a huge decision that head coach Mike Munchak understands but since the beginning of the season Munchak has said “Jake is our guy, he will start”. Given that information, I would assume that the team would still encourage Locker to be the starter once healthy again.

Also back on the injury report is linebacker Colin McCarthy who has been battling an ankle injury for the past few weeks. He played last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers but have been very, very limited. The defense is different when McCarthy is on the field they seem to be more intense and able to execute more efficiently when the captain is playing.

Defensive tackle Jurrell Casey and linebacker Zach Brown both sat out of practice but they should be available to play come Sunday.

Other players that will be officially out against the Bills consist of cornerback Tommie Campbell (ankle injury) and running back Javon Ringer (knee injury). This is a tough season for Ringer, after he cleared up a very dangerous infection in his elbow during the first quarter of the season.

The injury report doesn’t look as bad as it used to, aside from the Locker injury, things can be fixed within the next couple of week and who knows, the Titans could be rolling towards a playoff appearance.

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