Norv Turner blames himself for San Diego Chargers loss

By Jeremy Meyer
Christopher Hanewinckel – US PRESSWIRE

The San Diego Chargers looked like they had the game under wrapps going into the second half of the battle for the AFC  West conference on Monday night against the Denver Broncos.

The Chargers, went into the second half with what looked like it could possible be a blow out with the score of 24-0. But everything that could have gone wrong for the team, would end up being wrong as the Broncos, would return at the half and score 35 unanswered points to beat the Chargers at Qualcomm stadium.

But the team got a lot of help from their quarterback Philip Rivers, who had five turnovers. Head Coach Norv Turner said Tuesday that he needs to “do a better job” if the Chargers are going to eliminate the turnovers that derailed them on Monday.

Turner, also went into greater details in regards to discussing what the plan is for the team’s bye week and blaming the turnovers on why the team lost to the Broncos.

“You look at our last two games and there is a lot of thought in terms of being able to finish or put another team away. It goes a lot deeper than that. The thing right now that is keeping us from winning games is the big negative play. In this game it was the turnovers. We can eliminate them. We are going to eliminate them. We have done that in the past. That will be our complete focus as we go through this bye. There are a lot of different ways that we will handle that in terms of looking at the things that are keeping us from finishing a game. It’s a fine line because obviously we’ve been a big play team and an attack-type mode team. We want to keep that part of our game but we’ve got to find a way to keep that part of our game and again, eliminate the negative plays.”

The problem is that the Chargers have had turnover problems a lot lately and the changes that the Chargers need to do may not be if Turner can stop or slow down the teams turnovers, But also, if he can teach Rivers not to throw interceptions.

“There are a lot of things involved. It starts with the coaching and deciding what we’re going to do and when we’re going to do it. The things we’re having problems with we may eliminate. It may mean that we’re a little more conservative. It may mean in some cases we do things a little differently. Any more detail than that is certainly going to show up when we play. I’m not going to sit here and talk about how we’re going to change in terms of our game plans and what we do.”

Turner is right about one thing in his above statement and that is that the problem is at the coaching level and if Turner continues down this road, he will coach his way out of San Diego. I can sit here and write that Turner may be on his way out but the teams quarterback is in the same category as the teams coach.

The coach can get all the blame in the world, but when your quarterback makes bad decisions it doesn’t matter. Ryan Matthews should maybe have been used more then Rivers and passing the ball. The Chargers offense needs to be slowed down and if they run out the clock more then trying to defeat a team with a higher score. It is better to win an ugly game then lose a beautiful one.

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