Philadelphia Eagles Week 6 Overtime Drive was Culmination of Offensive Struggles

By Joe Doris
Eric Hartline-US Presswire

Sometimes it takes an obvious, brutal and embarrassing sequence of plays for any team to realize just how low they have fallen.

This sequence occurred for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon against the Detroit Lions on their first drive of overtime.

Just think, if you were an NFL team, what is the most disappointing series of offensive plays that could possibly take place in your final attempt to save face after an epic collapse?

How about a negative 21-yard three and out, finishing with a punt from your own 4-yard line?

Yes, you read right. A negative 21-yard three and out.

On first down, Eagles’ QB Michael Vick dropped back to pass and was sacked by Lions’ DE Cliff Avril on an aggressive pass rush coming from Vick’s blind-side. The fault on the play is attributed directly to RT Todd Herremans, as he just got torched around the outside by Avril.

Vick deserves plenty of credit for even being able to hold onto the ball, as he could barely even see the pressure approaching.

The second down play was just a massive, heaping pile of ugly. With 17 yards to go for a new set of downs the Eagles had no choice but to pass, and everybody in the world knew it, including the Lions.

Immediately upon Vick’s drop-back, Eagles’ LT Demetress Bell and LG Evan Mathis were just taken to school by Lions’ DE Kyle Vanden Bosch and DT Nick Fairley, respectively. Both linemen can be seen shamefully moping back towards Vick after the QB was taken down at the Eagles’ 4-yard line for a 14-yard loss.

Now on this one, Vick was definitely a part of the problem. After initially feeling some pressure, Vick ran backwards for about 7 extra yards before stumbling and eventually getting sacked.

To cap off the drive from hell, Vick took the snap on 3rd and 31 and just heaved the ball deep down field, out of bounds after about a second of pass rush.

Instead of checking down to RB LeSean McCoy or another short-route option in an attempt to get the Eagles out of the shadow of their own end-zone, and give P Mat McBriar a little bit of room to breathe, Vick basically just gave up.

On the next play, the Eagles punted the ball before failing to cash in on a fumble by Lions’ return-man Stefan Logan, as Logan recovered the ball himself at the 50-yard line. After a very short drive, the Lions got themselves into field goal range and K Jason Hanson hit the game-winner.

This incredibly short, incredibly awful, incredibly bone-headed drive was just the epitome of the Eagles’ shortcomings on offense.

An offensive line constantly getting burned, a quarterback making bad decisions and a head coach at a complete loss for answers.

It is really starting to look bad for head coach Andy Reid and this 2012 Eagles squad. They are actually lucky to be 3-3 right now after witnessing the product that they have put on the field over the past six weeks.

This bye week could not have come at a better time for the Eagles, and if massive changes are not made, get ready for a fire-storm in Philly.


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