San Diego Charger fans calling the team terrible, awful and disgusting

By Jeremy Meyer

The San Diego Chargers should have won in a big way on Monday night,  after going up 24-0 going into halftime. But Peyton Manning, and the rest of the Denver Broncos came out as a different team in the second half, and answered any fans who thought it was over by scoring 35 points and defeating the Chargers at home.

This is now the second game that the Chargers have blown in the second half. The first was against former Chargers quarterback Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Do those two defeats put the Chargers nation in a situation where they are losing respect for the coaching staff and it’s starting players?

Chargers head coach Norv Turner was asked what he would say to fans that use terms like terrible, awful and disgusting during the his weekly post game press conference at Chargers park:

“I’m going to talk to our football team and as I said, the things that you and I are describing, I am going to fix those things. We’re going to take care of those things. Through most of our last two games we’ve played at an awfully high level, very physical and attacking. We’re letting those four or five plays change the entire game.”

So, his answer to fans is continue to purchase tickets to come see the team and he promises that things will change and you continue to support the team. Members of the media in attendance also asked what kind of message he would like to send out to the fans that are looking like they are not going to be fans anymore if the team does not improve.

“I’m saying it. When I’m talking to you, I assume they’re the ones you’re going to send this message to. We’re going to fix the issues that are keeping us from finishing games.”

The team will relax and recuperate during week 7 as it’s the team’s bye week and will return to the field on October 28th, when they travel to Ohio to take on the Cleveland Browns, before returning home for a rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs on November 1st at Qualcomm stadium.

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