Steve McNair Legacy to be aired on NFL Network’s ‘A Football Life’

By Stephanie Umek
Steve McNair Videoboard

It was a horrible tragedy for not only his family and teammates, but the entire state of Tennessee and the football world to lose Tennessee Titans legend Steve McNair. This Wednesday NFL Network will be paying a tribute to McNair in their series of “A Football Life”.

The football world has not been the same since that July 4th afternoon in 2009 but there have been a lot of memories to help remind the NFL fans about McNair. With this documentary airing tomorrow, there will be many interviews including his closest family members like his brothers, sons and mother.

He was a member of the 1995 NFL Draft class and after playing only three games in the NFL, he was named the starting quarterback. He played with the Baltimore Ravens but mostly known for his time with the Houston Oilers turned Tennessee Titans. He was the backbone of the team during their trip to Super Bowl XXXIV.

I’m really excited to see this presentation, NFL always has great films. I have been following the Tennessee Titans very closely since their 2008 season, right at the beginning of my journey many professionals introduced me too many details that made McNair not only such a great athlete but a phenomenal athlete. I too was affected by the news on that day. He was one of those athletes that touched on many lives. McNair was a huge figure in the Nashville community.

Not everyone will get the chance to see the documentary though, only those that have NFL Network will have the pleasure of seeing it. Mark your DVR’s football fans, it’s going to be one to remember.

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