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NFL Arizona Cardinals

5 Reasons the Arizona Cardinals will win with QB John Skelton

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John Skelton can win

Skelton under center

It’s the beginning of week 7 in the NFL. The Arizona Cardinals are 4 and 2, after starting 4 and 0. They will play the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday on the road. QB Kevin Kolb went down last week and will probably miss 6 weeks. The week before it was RB Ryan Williams, before that Beanie Wells. The outlook for the Cardinals does not look good, but don’t think QB John Skelton can’t lead this team.

Over the past couple of weeks the Cardinals have looked like a last place team. I can tell you right now that they are not. In fact, they are in first place. They have beat some of the best teams in the NFL and have lost to others that are less than great, but what makes this team different than most is their ability to keep going. The Cardinals are a family and won’t give up no matter who goes down.

It will not matter that Skelton is starting on Sunday. The Cardinals are still going to win. Yes, it’s true, Kolb played better than anybody expected in his starts this year, but there is no reason not to expect Skelton to surprise us as well. He will have help from one of the best receivers in the game, Larry Fitzgerald. That may be it on offense, but then there's the defense, special teams, and maybe, just maybe, some good play calling.

Skelton’s touchdown to interception ratio is not good and his quarterback rating could use some work, but these are just numbers. The Cardinals are a team that cares very little for personal statistics. It’s about the will to win and the ability to play better than the person across from you on that given day. So, here are the top five reasons why the Cardinals will win starting Skelton.

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5. John Skelton beat Kevin Kolb in a position battle during the preseason

Position battle

Ken Whisenhunt and his staff chose Skelton at the end of the preseason because they saw something in the young quarterback. Like I said before, his numbers are pretty much terrible, worse thanTim Tebow bad. However, the coaches thought Skelton was better than Kolb at the end of the preseason. If the coaches thought that then, there is no reason it can’t be true now. It might not be pretty on Sunday, in fact, it won’t be. The Cardinals organization put their faith in Whisenhunt. He put his faith in Skelton. The Arizona fans should trust the man.

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4. Skelton probably doesn’t like backing up Kolb

John and Kevin

Skelton was injured in week 1 of the NFL season and watched while Kolb played his way to the number 1 spot. Skelton wants to make Kolb feel that same pain. He will never say it publicly, but as an athlete, you know he has that competitive fire in him. It’s hard to imagine playing a physical game like football without it. Skelton’s will to not sit on the bench when Kolb gets healthy will be the driving force behind him. The possibility of losing a job always makes a person work that much harder. However, this is true for just about every profession.

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3. Ken Whisenhunt has a few tricks up his sleave

Ken has some tricks

The Cardinals are going to have to do something to get points on the board. If trick plays are necessary this weekend we are going to see them. Whether it’s a fake field goal or punt, pitch pass, end around, or whatever, if it's the right time to call it, the coach needs to pull the trigger. The Cardinals rushing attack is 28th in the league and their ability to throw the ball is exactly the same. The Cardinals need to have a “whatever it takes” attitude going into this game with way they have played these past few weeks.

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2. The Cardinals defense is good enough to win

Cardinals Defense

The Cardinals defense has kept them in every single game this year on the way to a 4-2 record. Players like Patrick Peterson and Adrian Wilson are getting better all the time and little known players like O’brien Schofield are stepping up their game in a big way. Darnell Dockett has this team ready to rock and if the Cardinals’ coaching staff is smart they will rely on their defense to win this game. The Vikings are a good team, but they still start a young quarterback that will make mistakes if he is backed into a corner. The Cardinals defense will do their best to make sure Christian Ponder is uncomfortable in all aspects of his game.

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1. Kevin Kolb is just not that good

Kevin Kolb

Kevin Kolb led the Cardinals to 4-0 start. His numbers are not bad, but they could have been better. With no running game the Cardinals still play conservative. Kolb played not to lose and it helped the Cardinals win. He has thrown almost as many interceptions as he has touchdowns in his career. Skelton is younger and will be prone to more mistakes, but if he can limit them the Cardinals will be in this game. If they are in it till the end anything can happen. John Skelton can win this game and this is a must win for the Cardinals in a tough NFC West division.