Aaron Hernandez Thought He Broke Ankle In Week 2

By Trisity Miller
Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

If I told you the New England Patriots couldn’t win the Super Bowl without one of their tight-ends, I’m sure that you would have named Rob Gronkowski. That’s not the case. Without Aaron Hernandez, the offense’s best weapon sans Tom Brady, this team is good. Not great, but good. And they were almost in the predicament where they may have been without him for the rest of the season.

When Julian Edelman ran into Hernandez when playing the Arizona Cardinals, he thought that he had broken his ankle. Instead of it breaking, he just suffered a sprain that kept him out for 4 weeks. His return was solid as he caught six passes for 30 yards and a touchdown.

While Hernandez isn’t either the best tight-end or receiver on the roster. He’s the most versatile though. Whether he’s the running back, outside receiver, slot receiver or tight-end, the possibilities of what he can do are endless. Hernandez is the perfect example of the “perfect Patriot player”. He can do almost everything.

He spoke on what life was like while being injured. “Obviously, it was tough, especially when you live to play football and doing it your whole life,” Hernandez said. “You want to play, want to help the team. That’s the reason why I came back.” via Boston Herald.

Now that Hernandez is back, expect this offense to get rolling. They’re able to use different packages to confuse the defense and when it comes to one-on-one he is too fast for linebackers, too big for defensive backs and provides a deep threat opposite of receiver Brandon Lloyd.

New England got away with one. Hopefully, Aaron can remain healthy and help this team to win a championship.

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