Chris Canty Would Provide Huge Boost to New York Giants Defense This Weekend


Chris Canty might soon be ready to come off of the physically unable to perform list. The New York Giants defense has had its ups and downs this year. For the most part, the Giants defense has actually played pretty well. However, it hasn’t played up to the standards it has set for itself.

Getting Canty back in time to play the Washington Redskins would be a huge lift. The Redskins are currently the NFL’s second best rushing team, averaging 166 yards per game. Rookie Alfred Morris is the fourth best rusher in the NFL with 538 yards and Robert Griffin III is ranked 15th with 379. Yes, a quarterback is in the top 20 rushers of the NFL.

Canty has always been good at stuffing the middle and stuffing the run as well as being a threat to the quarterback on passing downs. Adding him to the rotation would keep the Giants fresher all over the defensive line and possibly keep the Redskins from building momentum against a worn out defense late in the game.

The Giants have already had a couple of games where they had to face a potent rushing quarterback and ground game. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers were stymied by the Giants defense that dominated them and forced the Panthers to abandon the rushing attack. Of course, the Giants also faced Michael Vick, who is less of a runner these days but is still a threat. Last week, the San Francisco 49ers used backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a few wildcat plays, almost all of which failed.

The 49ers, who were shut down by the Giants last week, feature the NFL’s best rushing attack, averaging just over 176 yards per game. They were held to only 80 yards rushing on 17 attempts last week by a stifling Giants defense. The Giants would love to stop the second-best rushing attack this week in similar fashion. Having Canty on hand would go a long way to getting that accomplished.

Canty is, right now, the Giants’ best defensive tackle. Getting him back would be huge for a deep defensive line and could be just what the doctor ordered for a defense that is getting healthier as the season wears on.

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