Cleveland Browns: So Who Is This Guy Joe Banner?

By Ryan Ruiz
Howard Smith-US Presswire

Yesterday afternoon, new Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam officially introduced Joe Banner as the CEO of his franchise. Like Haslam, Banner appears to be a no non sense guy that wants to get things done in a hurry. So, just who is Joe Banner?

As former President of the Philadelphia Eagles, the former economics major from Denison University (Ohio) spent 19 years with the organization. Twelve of them, he was President of organization and helped bring a new stadium (Lincoln Financial Field) to the city. In his time spent there, only two coaches took the helm for the Eagles. The Browns have had six in half the amount of time Banner was with the Eagles. It is clear that both Haslam and Banner want consistency throughout the organization. Success will never come if changes are being made every two to three years.

For the entire thirty minute press conference, Haslam stayed next to Banner and it is clear that they both are singing the same tune. Just like Haslam, Banner did not sell the fans or media. He spoke with confidence and fully gets why this town is craving for a competitive team. Banner understands that it is every Browns fans’ goal to celebrate a Super Bowl before the day the die. The 59 year old had this to say, “I know these fans have been through a lot of hopeful starts and I don’t want to sit up here and be the next promiser in their lives. We’re just going to have to deliver. I know this: Nobody will work harder, nobody will have a clearer direction, I don’t imagine anybody could have more, maybe somebody else could tie, of a sense of the appreciation of the history of the fans and the city.”  Sounds like he means business.

Many people are not aware of what Banner is all about. There is a reason that the Eagles appeared in the playoffs eleven times, won six NFC East titles, played in five NFC championship games, and went to the Super Bowl once under his Presidency. The new CEO’s attitude and resume is second to none, “I justifiably developed a reputation early in the years of being a particularly tough negotiator, If you talk to people who negotiated with me later, I learned that there was some value sometimes in finding common ground as opposed to trying to win the negotiations. If you’re objective about yourself and you’re trying to be successful, you learn from your experience.”

For the new era Browns, hopefully this is the last and final hope. Whether it be two, three, or five years from now, let’s anticipate that we are seeing the Browns play in January. Every day that goes by is that much closer to the promise land.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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