New York Jets Corner Antonio Cromartie Says New England Patriots Are "New America's Team"

By Ben Grimaldi
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Apparently Antonio Cromartie pays as much attention to NFL tradition as he does to contraception, which is none. Cromartie told’s Rich Cimini the New England Patriots are the “New America’s Team.”

Sorry Antonio, but there is only one America’s Team and it’s the Dallas Cowboys!

This isn’t the first time someone from another city, player or fan, has tried to say another team is “America’s Team.” They want to stake that claim in Pittsburgh, Green Bay, New York or even New England because they are the Patriots but the name “America’s Team” has already been taken. As much as people want to try and change the fact that it’s the Cowboys who have that moniker, no one can ever change it.

It reamains comical that other people want to try and lay claim to something that they can’t take. You may not agree with the Cowboys being America’s Team but they are. It’s a fact. You can talk about, cry or debate it all you want but it’ll never change. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make it any less true.

Cromartie also gave his explanation for why he felt the Patriots are now America’s Team, “You can’t say they’re not,” he said. “Everybody talks about New England, no matter if they’re winning or losing.”

Well that sounds vaguely familiar, where have I heard that before? Oh, I know, it’s called the Dallas Cowboys and they are talked about more than any other franchise whether they’re winning or losing. Unfortunately they’ve been losing more than winning lately, but that only makes people talk about them more. It’s also why they’re their franchise is worth the most in the NFL.

Perhaps I am being too aggressive in my defense of the Cowboys, but that’s my job as a fan. I call it like I see, I defend my team, but I am also honest. Honestly, there is only one America’s Team and it’s the Dallas Cowboys.

Now somebody please point Antonio Cromartie in the direction of the family planning section.

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