NFL Rumors: Is David Diehl A Backup For The New York Giants?

By jason evans

The New York Giants haven’t had David Diehl start for them since Week 2. That is when Diehl injured his MCL. Diehl came back last week and played in jumbo sets as third tight end in 13 plays. Diehl has been a warrior for the Giants, and been a big part of the offensive line for the two most recent Super Bowl Winning Teams. Now the question is, what is his role for the rest of the season and beyond?

The thing is, the Giants haven’t really missed him. The Giants have given up the fewest sacks in the league this season, only four of them. When Diehl went out, Will Beatty came back from his injury and slid right into the left tackle spot with Sean Locklear at the right tackle spot. At practice, Diehl and Locklear have split the reps at the right tackle spot, but it seems like Locklear will start again at right tackle.

At this point, I don’t think it would be wise for the Giants to change up what has been working so well, especially in the run game. Locklear and Beatty have done an excellent job and there’s really no reason for them to make a change. The Giants ran for over 200 yards two weeks, and over 100 against a San Francisco 49ers team that hadn’t had anyone do that to them in a couple of seasons. You aren’t supposed to lose your starting job due to injury, however, this may be a case of that happening.

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