NFL Rumors: San Diego Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner Could Be Fired During Bye Week

By Anthony Blake
Norv Turner, Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers

Normally this question is reserved for a bit later in the year than following week six, but the San Diego Chargers don’t make the schedule. There has been much speculation as to both Head Coach Norv Turner and General Manager A.J. Smith’s job security following the team’s second consecutive primetime collapse on national television. Whether that has anything to do with the ultimate decision or not is unknown, but the main question is will Turner be fired during the week off?

This should start with some full disclosure. Turner has been in my crosshairs since he was named the Chargers’ coach and the past two years of mediocrity have only increased the volume of complaints from all Bolts fans. His nonchalant demeanor along with the team’s sloppy play and apparent poor preparation deserve all of the ire that comes his way.

Turner has been a habitual blame deflector, always eager to pass the buck on down the line to his players. He speaks in rhymes and riddles in a tiring rhetorical manner. Now people are beginning to wonder one of the most damning questions in sports: is he losing the team?

When asked about his job status and whether he thought he might be fired during the bye week, Turner sheepishly said: “I’m not going to comment on that.”

What this suggests is that he has lost any belief he once had in himself and his ability to lead this team. His other comments of taking the ball out of Philip Rivers’ hands and limiting the play-calling are somewhat suggestive as well for a coach that is supposed to be a quarterback guru.

Mid-season coaching changes are never pretty and they generally don’t work well during the current year, but the team does have a coach that was hired to run the special teams following the 2010 season who could step in and do the job. Rich Bisaccia was an assistant head coach under Jon Gruden and has all of the necessary credentials to be the main man.

It would be surprising if the Bolts took initiative and actually cut ties with Turner at this point in the year with team still tied for the lead in the AFC West. His six years with the team have all been a regressive trend however and with the line only appearing to continue downward, maybe; just maybe the Spanos family will see the light and finally give Turner the axe.

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