Titans vs. Bills NFL Week 7 Preview

By Stephanie Umek
Rob Bironas against Steelers

As week seven rolls around in the NFL, it’s time to get serious for many teams who have for lack of a better term, wasted opportunities in the previous six weeks. As the season is already almost halfway over, each team needs to evaluate what is really important, and for the Tennessee Titans, it is a playoff position.

The Titans have had many playoff runs in their years but after coming so close last year when going 9-7, they really can’t afford too many more mistakes on the field or they will be watching from home again this year. With a win last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, hopefully now the Titans will have enough momentum to get the ball rolling.

But what exactly needs to be fixed? Is the injury to rookie quarterback Jake Locker a blessing in disguise? With Matt Hasselbeck in the pocket for the Titans, they seem to have everything under control. There are only two teams in the AFC right now with winning records, so nothing is out of the question here.

There are a few things people will need to watch for other than injury reports, to determine what will be the outcome of the game. For the most part, ironically the Titans and Buffalo Bills defenses rank pretty similarly. It will be the offense of both teams that will make a difference.

This is going to be challenging for both sides of the field. It always is when you have two teams that play better in the same aspect of the game. Buffalo has the slightest edge over Tennessee when it comes to yards per game and points per game.

For me personally, it’s going to be what the Titans can do to execute their third down experiences. If they can get that far that is. No more three outs. They need to do something and quickly. Driving to the tip of the redzone in hopes that kicker Rob Bironas can bail them out; is not going to work every time.

If the Titans can execute on third down, they should be able to handle this game no problem. It will be an easier challenge I think than their two wins that they already have. They fought really hard against the Detroit Lions and Steelers, but in the end it was a field goal that made the difference. The Titans need to learn to score touchdowns. Period.

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