Norv Turner says no coaching changes in San Diego

By Jeremy Meyer
Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

The San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner spoke to the media after the teams second week in a row collapse against the New Orleans Saints and then against the Denver Broncos.

The fans and media outlet including this one has been calling for some major changes to occur on the Chargers sideline and Turner discussed the possibility of some of those changes could occur during the team’s bye week.

“No I don’t. I have confidence that we’re going to fix the problems that we’re having. We have an outstanding coaching staff, as hard-working of a staff as I’ve been with. We have guys who have backgrounds in a lot of different areas and I think they’ve meshed extremely well. I think that our staff trusts our players at an extremely high level. We believe in our players and I believe that our players believe in our staff. Our players care an awful lot. They’re as disappointed and frustrated as all our fans out there. Our staff feels the same way. But I believe that there’s a strong determination between the players and the coaches. And that’s what gives me optimism and belief that we will get this problem fixed.”

The simple answer, is that the same coaches that called plays for the first 6 weeks of the schedule, will be doing it again when they return to play the Cleveland Browns.
Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy Reid does not believe in Turners philosophy and has announced that he has fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

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