Son of Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid Died of Heroin Overdose

By Joe Doris
Eric Hartline-US Presswire

Garrett Reid was found dead in a Lehigh University dorm room on Aug. 5 this past summer. He was at Lehigh assisting the Philadelphia Eagles’ conditioning program during training camp. Garrett was the eldest son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

Just today, it was released that toxicology tests confirmed the fact that Garrett died of a self-inflicted, accidental heroin overdose. He was 29.

There was plenty of speculation that drugs were involved in the passing of Garrett, as he was a known addict in recovery.

Soon after his son’s death, coach Reid had reportedly indicated that Garrett may have had a relapse.

The coroner of Northampton County, Zachary Lysek, and investigators stated today that a total of 47 syringes and 65 needles were found in a gym bag in Garrett’s room.

In addition to the heroin discovered, authorities also found 19 vials of an unknown liquid in the room. This substance was not thought to be involved with Garrett’s death.

Garrett had a troubled past that was well documented due to his father’s standing as an NFL coach. The first that the public heard of Garrett’s heroin use was in 2007, when he crashed his car while under the influence. He was later arrested multiple times for violations of his probation and smuggling drugs into a jail cell.

Garrett had once told a judge, “I don’t want to die doing drugs.” Very sadly for himself and his family, his addiction is what ended up killing him.

Nobody knows if this devastating incident has anything to do with the Eagles’ struggles on the field this season, but it would not be surprising. There is no doubt that coach Reid must have a very heavy heart and thoughts of his son must constantly be on his mind.

I have great respect for coach Reid for having the courage to follow through with coaching the Eagles in 2012, so soon after the sudden death of his son.

Sometimes it takes such an upsetting occurrence to remind sports fans that there are much more important things in life than athletics.


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