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Tim Tebow Could Finally Realize His Potential As A Running Back

Tim Tebow the Running Back

Ed Mullholland-US PRESSWIRE

After hearing about how Tim Tebow can never be an NFL quarterback for the last five years, it seems we may finally see the media lightning rod in a more natural position.

With the Jets going up to Foxborough to face the New England Patriots in a battle for first place in the AFC East, Rex Ryan has said that there is a definite possibility the New York Jets will play Tebow as a running back.

Honestly, I cannot believe this has not already been done.

Tebow has always been dangerous when on the run.  The guy is the size of a large linebacker and is capable of punishing an opposing defense.  He has a natural talent at escaping tackles and the never give up mindset to get the tough yards for his team.

The Jets have used Tebow in everything from the quarterback position to special teams, with some level of success, and exploiting Tebow’s strengths could be what the Jets need to make a serious playoff push. It would finally clear up Ryan’s choice to trade for the unconventional quarterback.

Tebow considers himself a quarterback through and through, so there is no doubt playing from the backfield would not be what he really wants, but he has also proven that he will do whatever it takes to help his team win. He will take on the challenge of running the ball, and he will do it with all of his heart, just like he does everything else on the field.

Anything is possible with Rex Ryan and this could be just misinformation intended to make the Patriots think a little harder about their game plan, but if the Jets do take the field with Tebow standing behind Mark Sanchez, we could witness Tebow at his very best. The guy is a true football player who has been trying to be a quarterback, and at times it has looked like he is trying to force a square peg into a circle hole. Handing him the ball and letting him use his unique skill set could be the true start of Tim Tebow’s career.

After all, even Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher thinks he is a good running back.

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