Carson Palmer says it's a "must win" for the Oakland Raiders this Sunday

By Jeremy Hayes
Carson Palmer and Darren McFadden
Kelley Cox-US Presswire

Carson Palmer is fully aware of the position the Oakland Raiders have put themselves in. The Raiders next opponent is the Jacksonville Jaguars for week 7 action in Oakland.

“It’s a must-win for us,” said Palmer, reported by “It’s an AFC game and an opportunity to start climbing our way back into the race.”

Is it really that important to beat the Jaguars?

Well, obviously, every game is a must win, but Palmer is right. If they lose this game they can kiss any hope of making the playoffs good-bye.

The Raiders (1-4) are surprisingly the favorites, for once, in this match-up against the Jaguars (1-4). If the Raiders slip to 1-5 already, never mind a Super Bowl, they won’t survive the season. They need to take it game-by-game to not pay attention to the hole they are in, but focus on winning the game they have that week, not worrying about the future. At this point, talking about the postseason to the Raiders is basically like asking Jim Mora about the playoffs.


The Raiders need to hope they can just pull out a win, because if they lose to the Jaguars, arguably the worst team in the league, they will stand no chance in the NFLIf Sunday’s game is a “must win” what does that mean for every game the rest of the season? The problem is the “black hole” has become a literal hole that the Raiders will have a difficult time climbing out of. No matter what happens, the Raider’s season has become too reliant on other teams in their division to play badly. The Jaguars should be the only thing on the Raiders’ minds right now.

The Raiders need to finally honor their own phrase. . .

Just win, baby.

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