Chargers Dir of PR Bill Johnston tells fans to calm down

By Jeremy Meyer
Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

It looks like the San Diego Chargers fans that normally fill up the stadium and buy team merchandise has had enough with the bad calls, interceptions and blown second half wins like the 24-0 lead against the Denver Broncos.

But for the first time an organization is speaking out to the public and telling them to stop complaining and start acting like real fans, and start supporting the team when they win, and when they loss.

If you have been to the official website of the Chargers you will read the latest headline is telling the reader and fans of the team to calm down and take a chill pill.

This opinion article/manifesto is written by the teams Director of Public Relations Bill Johnston, and it’s main purpose is taking the fans of San Diego to task for being so negative and not supporting the team though the dark days and the good days.

Although Johnston acknowledges that the loss to the Broncos was “bad,” “horrible” and “embarrassing,” he then goes on to say that everyone needs to calm down.

“Time to take a chill pill,” Johnston writes. “No one knows what will happen this season, yet alone the next game. That’s the beauty of the National Football League. I don’t know, you don’t know, no one knows what’s going to happen. If you want these players and coaches to succeed, then support them. Don’t tear them down. What you want and what we all want, including your team, is to know people believe in them.”

He also made sure to inform us that the team has been in situations like this before and has been able to make it to the playoffs and the team will do it again.

“Your team is 3-3, tied at the top of the division, and has 10 games to play,” Johnston writes. “If the Chargers are your team, get behind them and stay behind them. We’re all at our best when we know others believe in us.”

I tip my hat off to him for one reason and that is the record, does not reflect where the team will be later and he is right in his assessment that it’s still very early in the season to make any drastic decisions about where the team is right now and where they could be in 10 more weeks could be completely different.

Don’t count the team dead on arrival just yet but Mr. Johnston as the person in charge of making sure that the team is put in the best light and has currently put the biggest bulls eye on the organization and its front office and players then anyone in the media or the teams fanbase.

But, he did not just go after the fan base of the team, he also went after the media that covers the team on a daily bases stating in his column.

Listening to some of you out there, you’d think Monday night was “win or go home” and the Chargers are now packing their bags.

“The Chargers are finished. Done,” said one scribe.

Another wrote, “Bye, bye Chargers. Put a fork in them.”

And talk radio … don’t get me started. The old adage your mom used to preach – “If you don’t have anything good say, don’t say anything” – seems to have evolved to “if you don’t have anything good to say, call sports talk radio.”

I do agree with him again in his statement regarding the use of twitter to talk trash about a team, players or coaches. “Sometimes I think Twitter was invented to give people a chance to puff out their chests and talk big, saying things they never would say to someone’s face. he said.

Also calling every fan out on the teams website and telling them to take a chill pill is not going to get them back and some may even leave because of the message that he is putting out to the fan base.

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