Christian Ponder Dating ESPN Reporter

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

It’s funny that just a few weeks back Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder remarked that football was his girlfriend:

“I’m a lone wolf right now. Football is my girlfriend. Painful girlfriend. Both can break your heart; only one can make you broke.”

“One can break my leg. I guess technically both can break my leg.”

Well I suppose all of that changes when you have a chance to date ESPN personality Samantha Steele.

Ponder confirmed rumors the two were dating yesterday on Twitter:

Kyle King ‏@kk1ng10: Is @cponder7 & @Samantha_Steele dating? If not, they should. #Noles

Christian Ponder @cponder7: @kk1ng10 @samantha_steele actually yes they are

Kyle King ‏@kk1ng10: @cponder7 @samantha_steele good deal my man! Keep up the good work!

To be honest, I could care less what celebrities or athletes date each other, but in this case I say good for Christian Ponder. Steele is obviously a steal, and any guy in his position would do the same thing, even if they said they weren’t in the market for a girlfriend just a few weeks prior…

With his off the field stock rising, Ponder can’t lose the focus on what’s truly important this week, and that’s beating the Arizona Cardinals. The second year quarterback must revert back to his no-turnover ways of the first four weeks. While he was perfect to start the year, he has thrown four picks in the last two weeks.

Fans can only hope Steele doesn’t become a distraction.

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