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Christian Ponder Plays Prank on Matt Kalil


It might seem a little late for rookie hazing at this point in the season to some, but not Minnesota Vikings‘ quarterback Christian Ponder. The second year player had a little fun with his offensive tackle and blind slide protector Matt Kalil.

Ponder tweeted this photo:

“I hope you’re okay bud.”

Kalil responded to the prank and tweet with, “nice setup lol.”

You gotta love a good prank, and Preparation H is one of the oldest in the book. I’m sure this got many looks and double-takes as teammates passed by Kalil’s locker.

Crappy Joke: the song ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash was inspired by the time he got his Ben Gay mixed up with his Preparation H.

All joking aside, it’s encouraging to see that Ponder seemingly has a good relationship with his left tackle. Kalil is the most important piece of the Vikings’ offensive line, and should be protecting Ponder for many years to come in the future, so fans can only hope that they get along.

Joking like this is certainly not something you do to someone you don’t get along with, and definitely not something you put on Twitter. So all signs point to a good relationship between the two.

Ponder has hit the ground with a lot less frequency this season, mainly due to the number four overall draft selection. He and Kalil will have to get serious before Sunday, as a fairy pivotal matchup looms with the Arizona Cardinals, where to winner will go to 5-2.

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