Cleveland Browns: Looking In To The Crystal Ball

By Ryan Ruiz
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Like the majority of us, I’m an optimistic Cleveland Browns fan. Even though the Browns are 1-5, is it unrealistic to win six or seven games for the year? I say no and there are a lot of Browns fans that will agree. Here are some predictions (no scores, just wins/losses) the rest of the way.

Indianapolis Colts: This weekend, heading in to Lucas Oil Stadium could be disastrous, but it also could be a good thing as well. Both teams have rookie quarterbacks who have put up basically identical numbers so far this year. I believe that Brandon Weeden has more weapons than Andrew Luck. With the Colts secondary, Weeden should throw for 300 yards. Weeden beat Luck in college and he can do it again in the NFL. The Browns prevail and grab a well earned “W”.

vs. San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers and the Chargers’ offense is not what it once was. However, Cleveland needs to focus on stopping tight end Antonio Gates. Playing three days before Halloween and a brisk atmosphere will “spook” the warm weather Chargers. In front of a fired up home crowd, the Browns win by an “Ole Reliable” Phil Dawson field goal. Can you say three game winning streak?

vs. Baltimore Ravens: Now your probably thinking, “your just predicting the Browns win every game they play”. I assure you, I’m not. The “former” Cleveland Browns bring everything back to reality. Despite the Ravens missing two key pieces on their defense, Cleveland will not be able to run the football and therefore play action will fail. The Browns get spanked by Joe Flacco and company on this fall day.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys are what I like to call, “all show and no go”. Tony Romo is showing his age and they are heading in to a downward spiral. Dez Bryant vs. Joe Haden should be a fun one to watch. In the billion dollar building that Jerry Jones built, Cleveland takes down the multiple personality disorder Cowboys.

vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Former Browns defensive lineman Bob Golic once said, “It doesn’t matter how many games we lose, as long as we beat Pittsburgh.” Over the last decade, this philosophy has been embedded in the Browns fan base. Since the day I was born, I have had some serious hatred for the Steelers, My first words were “Pittsburgh Sucks!”. I’m kidding. This game will be filled with some real emotion both by the players and the fans. Maybe not this year, but the tide is turning in the AFC North. In the end, some how, some way, Cleveland is coming out on top of this one.

Oakland Raiders: In the past, this game has always been a tough, physical, down in the trenches, low scoring game. This may come down to Dawson’s leg again. The Black Hole is ugly but not what it used to be the Browns win again.

vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Romeo Crennel Bowl. Also, welcome back to Cleveland prima donna Peyton Hillis! With most likely Brady Quinn leading a charge in the final minutes of the game, he is picked off by none other than Joe Haden to seal Cleveland’s seventh win in eight games. You think I’m absolutely nuts don’t you?

vs. Washington Redskins: Welcome to what should have been your new home Robert Griffin III. The ‘Skins are just too much for the “on cloud nine” Browns. RG3 torches the Browns and beats Weeden for the first time in his life. Late season fatigue and injuries are starting to take a toll on the Browns. The Browns’ record is now 7-7.

Denver Broncos: The “Queen City of the West” sits 5,280 feet above sea level. This is just too much for the injury depleted Browns. Peyton Manning will be pushing for a playoff spot and will be hard to overcome. The Browns will hang around but there will end up being some “garbage time”. Manning and the Broncos triumph.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Cleveland, trying to play spoiler to keep the Steelers out of playoff contention will not come prepared and gets crushed amongst a sea of annoying little yellow towels. Trent Richardson will run for 80 yards and a touchdown in ketchup field but that’s the only upside. The Steelers win.

After starting the season 0-5, the Browns fight for their lives and coaching staff by pulling together seven wins and finish an astonishing 7-9. Although the second half of the season effort is solid, it’s not enough to save the conservative and emotionless Pat Shurmur. If all of this actually happened, Cleveland fans would be ecstatic. You might think I’m completely crazy, but crazier things have happened in the NFL. Remember, any given Sunday.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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