Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers Week 7 Preview

By Marc Jenkins
Tony Romo and Jason Garrett Must Get the Cowboys a Win vs the Panthers
Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

If the week seven match up between the Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers was a comic book it would be called “Super Cam and the Human Turnover Unite” or something to that degree. In this comic the player  known as Super Cam (Cam Newton, of course) would be searching every where for his powers that he has somehow lost this year and would be attempting to fight off the Human Turnover (who of course is none other Tony Romo). Romo would use all of his powers (which is to turn the ball over) as often as possible to aid Cam and the Carolina offense to figure out what is going on with their lack of production.

The 2-3 Cowboys enter this game looking very sound in many categories on both defense and offense, except for points scored per game (18.8, 24th in the NFL), points allowed per game (23.8, 20th in the league) and, of course, turnovers (12, 15th in the NFC). The Human Turnover, I mean Tony Romo has already thrown nine interceptions (which is average of just under two per game) and lost two fumbles, which makes him responsible for 11 of the teams 12 giveaways this season. If he’d have anymore, then Romo might as well put on a number seven Philadelphia Eagles jersey. If he would hold on to the ball more then maybe the fact that the Cowboys are sixth in both total offensive yards gained per game (387.4 yards) and passing yards gained per game (287.8 yards) would be more prominent. With Demarco Murray out due to a sprained foot this week, Romo is going to have to do a much better job holding on the the ball, while Felix Jones is going to have to produce a game similar to the one he had last week versus the Baltimore Ravens (18 carries for 92 yards and a TD).

The 1-4 Panthers are coming off of their bye week and need to get Newton (1,154 yards, 4 TD, 5 INT and completed 58.8% of his attempts) on track as well as their struggling defense, which is 23rd in both total offensive yards allowed per game (377 yards) and rushing yards allowed per game (127.4 yards) and 21st in points allowed per game (25 points). This is a team whose identity a season ago was all about the running game, Newton making incredible plays and pretty solid defense. Now, this season none of those three factors seem to exist, which is why they are regressing, along with their superstar quarterback. This week, Newton will have his hands full trying to deal with Demarcus Ware and the rest of the Dallas pass rushers. The Cowboys are ranked second in the league in both yards allowed per game (285.2 yards) and passing yards allowed per game (181.6 yards) which boad to well for Super Cam regaining his powers. One factor that could help Newton and the Panthers however is that Dallas has just one team interception on the season and their rookie, standout corner back Morris Claiborne will be banged up a bit nursing a knee injury.

With Carolina playing at home, Dallas’s inability to be successful on the road and the fact its these two teams playing against one another it is the epitome of a pick ’em. But for the sake of this piece I guess I’ll take the Cowboys 24-20.

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