Jim Harbaugh Makes Brilliant Decision By Declining Penalty

By Steven Resnick
Jim Harbaugh San Francsico 49ers

With 43 seconds remaining in the game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh had decisions to make. One was to accept a chop block penalty that would have resulted in a safety and getting the ball back after a safety kick.

The other option would have been to decline the penalty and get the ball back due to the turnover on downs at the 20 yard line as Seahawks wide receiver Ben Obomanu got stopped inches short of the first down and the spot was also measured confirming no first down. This meant the offense was going back on the field for a kneel down to run out the clock.

Since the play happened during the last two minutes of the game it was automatically reviewed and the ruling on the field was upheld. He then makes the brilliant decision to not accept the penalty resulting in a safety and instead took the turnover.

One question that comes to mind is why he wouldn’t accept the penalty and put two points on the board?

With the Seahawks  not being able to stop the clock after using all of their time-outs the two points were meaningless, so it was better for the 49ers to get the ball back immediately and take a knee. More importantly it meant not risking any injuries on special teams with the game already being decided.

Harbaugh learned from last season as Joshua Morgan fractured his right ankle on a reception while up 39 points with just under five minutes left against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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