New York Giants’ Osi Umenyiora, Jason Pierre-Paul, Not Impressed With Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III

By Greg Bradshaw

Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III has rejuvenated a long suffering Redskins’ franchise that has had little to cheer about in recent years. The man affectionately called “RG3” by fans and media alike has a skill set at the position that opposing defensive coordinators must account for.

However, Griffin III’s exploits have not impressed members of the Super Bowl 46 champion New York Giants. New York defensive end Osi Umenyiora has taken to derisively calling Griffin III “Bob”. That sounds like jealousy on Umenyiora’s part, considering that Griffin III garnered endorsement deals with Adidas, Subway, and Gatorade before he had even played an NFL game. That makes me wonder how many endorsement deals Umenyiora has garnered?

That generic moniker is most likely Umenyiora’s way of downplaying Griffin III’s skill set. Umenyiora is also sending a message to Griffin III: you haven’t done anything yet; therefore, you’re not worthy of the accolades bestowed so quickly upon you. You need to do something tangible before you receive any accolades.

Giants’ defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has some advice for Griffin III: “Don’t bring it to my side. Go the other way.” That can be construed as Griffin III better consider running away from Pierre-Paul’s side of the field, or else the Redskins’ offense will experience abject failure.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

It’s laughable how Umenyiora and Pierre-Paul seem so worried about facing Griffin III. They are members of the current Super Bowl champion New York Giants. Their team has achieved NFL supremacy by winning last year’s Super Bowl. They are the hunted, instead of the hunters. Espousing their views on a rookie quarterback that has accomplished nothing of any substance (which Umenyiora and Pierre-Paul have every right to do) is like hitting a gnat with a sledgehammer.

Maybe Umenyiora and Pierre-Paul feel slighted for some reason. Many people felt their Week Six victory over the San Francisco 49ers was impressive. Actually, it wasn’t. The New York Giants are the Super Bowl champions. They’re supposed to dominate in that fashion. If they feel slighted, they must surely want to take their frustrations out on Griffin III.

If that’s what Umenyiora and Pierre-Paul need to motivate themselves against a Washington team that swept New York during the 2011 NFL season, more power to them. If they become a little too preoccupied with Griffin III, the Redskins could come into Met Life Stadium in New Jersey and upset the Giants. If that happens, I wonder how much talking Umenyiora and Pierre-Paul would do then

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