New York Giants Rookie David Wilson Says He'll Make the Hall of Fame

By Jeff Shull

New York Giants running back David Wilson did not have the best start to his career. He fumbled on his second ever carry and that is just about the worst thing you can do as a rookie when Tom Coughlin is your head coach. He spent the next several days in Coughlin’s doghouse, rarely seeing the field and being passed over in favor of Andre Brown when Ahmad Bradshaw missed a game with a neck injury.

It didn’t exactly go the way he envisioned his first couple of games going, so it was a bit surprising to hear Wilson tell Bob Glauber he believes he’ll make the Hall of Fame when his career is over.

“I think at the end of my career, I’ll be in the Hall of Fame,” Wilson said. “I know myself, and I know I have guys around me that feel the same way, which I feel I do. When I get my opportunity, the sky is not the limit. I think it’s past it. You have to believe in yourself to do good things. This is how I feel.”

If that wasn’t enough, Wilson went on to compare himself to birth control pills.

“I’m like birth control. You have to believe in me. Like birth control, 99.9 percent of the time I’m going to come through for you.”

For some reason I am reminded of this.

Wilson has certainly seen himself out of Coughlin’s dog house. It started against the Philadelphia Eagles when he consistently had great kickoff returns. He then started seeing himself do better in the run game, and had an impressive 40-yard touchdown run against the Cleveland Browns.

This past Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers might have been his best showing of the season. Against a formidable defense he relieved Bradshaw for much of the fourth quarter and had seven carries for 35 yards. He showed patience, explosiveness and elite speed.

All that said, maybe slow your roll a bit there rookie. I understand having confidence in yourself, but you have to have limits as to how far that can go. You just look silly with these kinds of comments.

Hopefully he can keep improving and turn into the eventual starter the Giants envisioned, but I hope he can keep comments like this under control.

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