New York Jets: Why Moving Tim Tebow Around Is a Bad Move

By Bobby Kittleberger

There’s a possibility that Tim Tebow will be migrated to the role of running back against the New England Patriots this weekend. In recent weeks the New York Jets have hinted at a willingness to bring Tebow into the mix, especially after a few weeks of poor play from starting quarterback Mark Sanchez.

If the Jets are moving Tebow into these scenarios just for the sake of getting him in the game and satisfying disgruntled fans, I would say they’re making a huge mistake.

First and foremost, Tebow is a quarterback. He’s not a tight end, or a half back and the focus of his development has never been on those positions. If he plays there he might be fun to watch, but he’s ultimately taking time away from players who are better suited for those positions, if less exciting. The idea that Tebow is better suited and can be more helpful in positions other than quarterback, is an illusion. Yes he can run, and yes he’s athletic, but the man is a leader, and he can throw. For those reasons alone he should be considered a fully capable quarterback in every regard.

If Rex Ryan wants to play Tebow, he should play him. However this hybrid of just trying to get him on the field but not really letting him throw the ball is a mistake. It will hamper Tebow’s development and it will further frustrate fans who view Sanchez as extremely average under the best of circumstances.

Tebow has a natural ability to lead and a determination to play hard, all of which is cased in an ability to play quarterback. Enough of this, “he can’t play quarterback in the NFL“. Folks, he’s in the NFL, and that doesn’t happen by accident. He was drafted as a talented quarterback with tons of potential, and for the Jets to treat him as anything different, would be a huge mistake on their part.

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