NFL Rumors: Will Ray Lewis Come Back at Less Than One-Hundred Percent?

By Andrew Fisher

Baltimore Ravens fan or not, if you’re a true football fan you had to be saddened by the news that Ray Lewis will likely miss the rest of the season with torn triceps.

Lewis is one of the all-time greats, and people like me are having a hard time envisioning the game without him. So when the news came across Wednesday that the Ravens placed Lewis on IR with designation for return, I perked up a little bit.

However the reality is that Lewis suffered a complete tear, and normal rehab takes about six months. The question becomes, does Ray Lewis have six months? And if not, would he come back early for a playoff run?

This would be an amazing story to follow, because if he did decide to do it, clearly that would be an indication of a pending retirement. If Lewis came back, it would be a ‘one last hurrah’ situation. But how healthy could someone be after only two and a half months of rehab? I know we’re talking about Ray Lewis here, but that’s not even half the time needed for a full rehabilitation.

It’s a decision where Lewis would basically be throwing caution to the wind. But it’s also a decision that’s not out of the question. There is a small chance we could see the legendary linebacker again this season, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

If his rehab goes well, and Lewis gets to a point were he feels he could be somewhat effective on the field, why not bring him back at least in a limited capacity? If for nothing else because of his second-to-none leadership skills.

It’s just the football fan in me, but I’m giving Ray Lewis a ten percent chance of playing again this season, and I’m eighty-five percent sure he’s done after this season either way. Where Lewis is in his own mind, only he knows, but the end is definitely near.

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