Philip Rivers doesn't agree with the critics

By Jeremy Meyer
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

This year has not been the year for San Diego Chargers starting quarterback Philip Rivers as everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and the critics are coming out in droves to ask for the replacement of players and firing of coaches.

Rivers, was asked during his meeting with the media yesterday nn the chatter about a lack of killer instinct and the inability for the team to close out a game.

Let’s just review the wins and losses for the team this year and see if you agree with the critics or the quarterback. This season, the team is 3-3 and tied with the Denver Broncos for first place in the AFC West.

They have beaten the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans. Then we have the awful loss against the Atlanta Falcons and the second half blown leads against the New Orleans Saints and the Denver Broncos, that could have put the team with a 5-1 record but now they are 3-3.

“I think it’s just what you said, a lot of chatter. There’s no substance and it doesn’t matter what anyone on the outside thinks.”

The thing is the chatter over Rivers, lack of Killer instinct is getting to a high level because of his performance and as a starting quarterback of an NFL team.

“I think these four days are time to get away but in some ways for every guy to examine what they individually can do to help us get better. What little things do I need to do to help myself get better? Then we can come back Monday excited and ready to go. The only game we can win is the Cleveland Browns. We can’t win a bunch in a row, we can’t change last week. We have one game ahead of us. We knew when we started this, it is a 16-week deal. We still have 10 to play and we’re going to play all of them one at a time and we’ll see where we end up.”

But maybe the bye will be good for everyone on the team and facing the Cleveland Browns on it’s return from having a week off.

If the turnovers and blown leads continue, the chatter will only intensify.  Regardless of its substance.

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