Stats for Dallas Cowboys CBs Morris Claiborne, Brandon Carr Very Deceiving

By Jeric Griffin
Morris Claiborne stats
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The Dallas Cowboys‘ passing defense has been the laughing stock of the NFL in recent years, but most especially in the past two. Team owner and general manager Jerry Jones finally did something about it this past off-season by drafting Morris Claiborne with the No. 6 overall pick and signing Brandon Carr to a $50 million deal. Now Dallas has the second-best passing defense in the league. However, individual player stats suggest Claiborne and Carr aren’t as effective as the team stats lead Cowboys fans to believe. A closer look reveals that’s simply not the case.

Stats from ESPN Dallas show that opposing quarterbacks have thrown at Claiborne a total of 16 times and have completed 13 of those passes for 152 yards and two touchdowns. The same set of numbers show that those passers threw at Carr 20 times, completing 11 for 204 yards and a touchdown. Pro Football ranks this duo as the 69th and 79th cornerbacks in the NFL, respectively.

When tweeted, these stats had many members of the Dallas faithful up in arms, but these numbers actually suggest Claiborne and Carr are arguably the best cornerback duo in the league.

If you add those numbers up and divide them by the five games the Cowboys have played, Claiborne and Carr have given up a combined 71 yards and half a touchdown per game. When you look at it that way, these two should both be ranked in the top 10 among their NFL peers. Perhaps numbers put together by folks like Pro Football Focus aren’t as accurate as they think.

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