Why the Tennessee Titans can easily win against the Buffalo Bills

By Stephanie Umek
Jordan Babineaux vs Steelers

On the road again, they can’t wait to be on the road again…Well not really. The Tennessee Titans are not doing that well on the road this year. Both of their wins have come at home. But they are hoping to change that statistic this weekend when they visit the Buffalo Bills.

There are a lot of key injuries that will play into the game this week. The Titans don’t have a lot of guys hurt, but the guys that are hurt play huge roles in the game plan. With Jake Locker and Colin McCarthy out of the lineup it’s going to be a challenge for others to step up.

It’s starting to sound like a broken record, I know, but it’s the truth. And stepping up to the role is doable. When you have “replacements” like Matt Hasselbeck and Will Witherspoon there shouldn’t be a question on if the team can handle it or not.

Taking down the Buffalo Bills shouldn’t be that big of a challenge for the Titans. The Bills only have one more win than the Titans do and with the knowledge of Hasselbeck behind the line again it very well could be the easiest game for Tennessee this year.

Especially considering that they have had two work extremely hard for both of their wins. But with a conference that is losing all around anyways, having only two wins is not uncommon.

With a win this Sunday it still puts Tennessee one game under .500 but if they can get on a roll, they will be satisfied with the result. Last year they just missed the playoffs with seven losses but also needed a lot of help from other teams in the league.

If they monitor their losses early, they can avoid that crash this year, meaning that they can only afford tops three more losses on the season. And hopefully they won’t need all that extra help either.

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