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Chicago Bears: Glaring Positional Needs on the Team

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Chicago Bears: Glaring Positional Needs on the Team


Through six games of the regular season, you can kind of get an idea what each team needs will be this off-season. For the Chicago Bears, they are off to a great start, but there are glaring needs on the team that will most likely still be there at season’s end.

The Bears offense has needs with the exception of quarterback, running back, wide receiver and offensive guard. A unit that had high expectations this season is currently underperforming. There’s still 10 weeks left in the season, so there’s still time for this unit to make due.

The defense has been carrying the team for most of the 1st half of the season. Even though there are aging veterans on the team that are still performing at a high level, there’s no eventual replacement behind them that you feel comfortable with.

The Bears defense is currently deep at the safety position, defensive line and to a certain extent cornerback. The depth at these positions has been very instrumental in the team’s 5-1 start.

Looking at the NFC, the Bears look like they have the makings to be a legit Super Bowl contender, but like most of the contenders in the NFC, they have weaknesses on the team they need to overcome to get to New Orleans in February.

There’s a possibility that some of these weaknesses on the team could end up being strengths by the end of the year. For the meantime, here are five glaring needs the Bears currently have on the team.

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Left Tackle Position


Current Starter: J’Marcus Webb

Level of Concern: Medium

Analysis: Webb has strung together three good games in a row, especially in the run blocking department where he has been just as dominate as his fellow teammate Gabe Carimi from the offensive tackle position.

Webb is improving as a pass blocker, but most times he needs help with his assignment which often takes a target away from Jay Cutler in the passing game. For that reason, the level of concern is a medium.

The Bears need a Blindside protector that can consistently be able to handle some of the game’s best pass rushers on his own. Right now that is not Webb, but there’s no reason that he can’t develop into that player over the course of this season.

Ideal OT Prospect: Ricky Wagner Wisconsin

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Left Guard Position

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE

Current Starter: Chilo Rachal

Level of Concern: low

Analysis: Rachal has come in for the struggling Chris Spencer and done an admirable job. He fits offensive coordinator Mike Tice prototype as an interior lineman; big physical offensive guards that can athletically get to the outside on design run plays and stay in front of quick physical defensive tackles.

At 30-years-old, Rachal is not a long-term answer, but at the same time he has plenty left in the tank. With a player like Rachal, the Bears can put themselves in situation where they could develop a raw prospect behind him for a few years.

Ideal OG Prospect: Gabe Jackson Mississippi State

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Tight End Position


Current Starter: Kellen Davis

Level of Concern: High

Analysis: The Bears should be getting a lot more production out of Davis than they currently are getting right now. The 6-7 260+ pound TE has underperformed this season in an offense that is supposed to be TE friendly. Davis had a decent performance against the Dallas Cowboys a few weeks ago, but followed it up with a subpar showing against the Jacksonville Jaguars the following week.

The growing assumption among Bears fans is that Davis is not the answer at TE. The Bears need a weapon at the TE position that can make safeties pay for bracketing Brandon Marshall.

Ideal TE Prospect: Tyler Eifert Notre Dame

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Cornerback Position


Current Starter: Charles Tillman

Level of Concern: Medium

Analysis: It’s not so much Tillman’s play that has CB as a glaring need on the roster; the veteran has played close to his Pro Bowl level from last season. It has much to do with Tillman being up there in age, and that there is no young player behind Tillman they are grooming to be his eventual replacement.

Two of Phil Emery’s late round draft picks are not on the active roster (Isaiah Frey on Practice Squad and Greg McCoy was cut in camp) and while Tim Jennings is having a great season, he is a better fit covering the team’s second best WR.

Not to mention, Tillman is due 7.95 million in 2013; the Bears are more likely to ask him to restructure his contract. What most likely will happen is Tillman agrees to that restructure, and he becomes a mentor to a young draft pick.

Ideal CB Prospect: David Amerson North Carolina State

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Middle Linebacker


Current Starter: Brian Urlacher

Level of Concern: High

Analysis: Urlacher has arguably been the worst player on the defense this year, which says a lot about the talent around him that has this defense rank in the top five in almost every defensive category. Urlacher performance after this bye week will determine if he will get offer a contract by the Bears or they let the face of their franchise for the last decade go into free agency.

If they decide not to resign Urlacher, MLB will no doubt be a number one priority for Emery next year.

Ideal MLB Prospect: Manti Te'o Notre Dame