Dallas Cowboys Need Tony Romo To Play Better

By Ben Grimaldi
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There probably isn’t anyone who defends Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo more than I do, but the truth is through five games this season he hasn’t been great. If he’s being honest, he’ll probably tell you the same thing. I’m not blaming him for all the problems the Cowboys have had this this season but he hasn’t been part of the solution either.

Romo was stellar in the opening night victory over the New York Giants but his play has dipped since then. He’s thrown an interception in every game and has nine picks on the year to go along with two fumbles lost. You cannot win football games when your quarterback turns it over that many times.

Not all of the turnovers are on Romo but there have been enough poor decisions that have cost the Cowboys. He was intercepted when he tried a shovel pass against the Chicago Bears when any points would have swung the momentum and his throw across the field near the end of the first half last week also cost the team points.

These mistakes can’t happen when so much of the Cowboys offense is put into Romo’s hands. He needs to play smarter football and he knows it.

It’s not just about the interceptions either because Romo has also missed some big throws that he usually makes. In the game against the Bears he missed two wide open receivers for touchdowns. He overthrew Dez Bryant for a sure touchdown in the first half, as well as Miles Austin on a seam route in the second half. Romo also misfired on a few throws last week that would’ve allowed Cowboys receivers to gain yards after the catch. On those occasions, Jason Witten and Miles Austin had to settle for only the reception yards because of an inaccurate pass.

Tony Romo is better than he’s shown this season and he needs to improve in a hurry. The Cowboys are in a stretch of games that can make or break their season and a lot of these games will come down to execution. Every play is critical and the Cowboys need Romo to improve on his performance.

I’m not saying everything has been Romo’s fault but he certainly hasn’t played his best football yet and he’ll get the blame because he’s the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. If Dallas is to get better, they need a better Tony Romo than what he’s shown. He’s a very good quarterback who hasn’t played to his capabilities and that needs to change.

The Dallas Cowboys season depends on it.

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