The Top 15 2012 NFL Draft Busts

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The NFL Draft is the biggest roll of the dice in the NFL season; it can make a marginally good team, a powerhouse team, or make that powerhouse team a dynasty for years. With the good fortune the NFL Draft can bring, if you are a struggling team and you draft poorly it could set your team three to five years back further because you drafted a bust from early enough in the draft.

That being said, this slideshow is about the top fifteen draft busts from this past April’s NFL Draft. To be honest I dislike calling a player a bust before two seasons, let alone at most seven games since people grow into roles or are stuck behind a star player. Aaron Rodgers is a prime example of this. However, if they somehow read this article maybe they can use it for motivation to live up to their team’s and fans expectations.

My ranking system for this slide show is as follows, the lowest (#15) will be the furthest away from the #1 overall pick while the highest (#1) will be the closest. Basically, I’m looking at where they were picked and looked up their stats and it doesn’t impress me, they are on the list. I also tried my best not to pick on a player that’s on injured reserve so David DeCastro will not be on this list.

Once again thank you for viewing this slideshow, I hope this gives some exposure to how disappointing these draft selections have been so far. If you want to discuss this in greater detail, or anything else I have written or just something football related, leave a comment on here or hit me up on twitter @TheProfessorSD. I hope you have a great day today!

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15 - Peter Konz

Peter Konz
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Round 2, 55th overall

Peter Konz coming out of college this year was seen as the number one pure center prospect, as he was the middle of that mammoth and extremely talented University of Wisconsin offensive line.

What makes Peter a draft bust? So far in 2012, Peter has only played approximately 20 snaps in six games and seemingly can't crack the starting lineup for the Atlanta Falcons.

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14 - Ryan Broyles

Ryan Broyles

Round 2, 54th overall

Ryan Broyles wide receiver for the Detroit Lions was seen as an excellent speedy compliment to elite receiver Calvin Johnson.

What makes Ryan a draft bust? So far has only played in three of the six games and has yet to catch the ball even once. Disappointing to say the least since in 2010 at Oklahoma, Ryan had 131 catches alone.

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13 - Devon Still

Devon Still

Round 2, 53rd overall

Cincinnati Bengals Defensive lineman, Devon Still out of Penn State was seen as an excellent run stopper in college and versatile as he could play defensive end or defensive tackle.

What makes Devon a draft bust? So far in Cincinnati, Devon has yet to start a game and has only had two tackles.

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12 - Isaiah Pead

Isaiah Pead

Round 2, 50th overall

St. Louis Rams running back Isaiah Pead was supposed to be the eventual replacement for power running back, Steven Jackson however this is not the case.

What makes Isaiah a draft bust? In six games he has had only three kick returns for 67 yards, and two receptions for seven yards and no carries.

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11 - Andre Branch

Andre Branch

Round 2, 38th overall

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected defensive end Andre Branch with the 38th overall pick to help rebuild the defensive line and to put next to defensive tackle Tyson Alualu.

What makes Andre a bust? He has started in three of the five games for Jacksonville and has only had five tackles and no sacks.

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10 - A.J. Jenkins

A.J. Jenkins

Round 1, 30th overall

Our first, first rounder in San Francisco 49ers wide receiver A.J. Jenkins was seen as possibly the eventual replacement for seemingly bust receiver Michael Crabtree.

What makes A.J. a bust? He hasn't even been active for any of the seven games for San Francisco yet, thus he has yet to put up a single stat.

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9 -Dont'a Hightower

Dont'a Hightower

Round 1, 25th overall

The most controversial pick on my list by far, linebacker Dont'a Hightower of the New England Patriots.

What makes Dont'a a bust? While he does have a touchdown on a fumble recovery, and a sack. Dont'a also only has started in three of the six games and has only had fourteen tackles, I just think as a linebacker he should have far more tackles at this point especially in a New England ran defense.

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8 - Riley Reiff

Riley Reiff

Round 1, 23rd overall

Detroit Lions offensive tackle Riley Reiff has been seen as the heir apparent to 35 year old left tackle Jeff Backus whom has been on the decline for the last few years. Riley was seen as a steal since he was rumored to go as high as pick ten to the Buffalo Bills.

What makes Riley a bust? He has only played started one game so far this year and can't even crack into the line up at another position.

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7 - Melvin Ingram

Melvin Ingram
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Round 1, 18th overall

San Diego Chargers rush linebacker Melvin Ingram was highly praised coming out of the University of South Carolina as he could play seemingly anywhere in the front seven of a defense. I think he fell to eighteen due to his lack of physical size (6' 1") and that likely has increased his learning curve.

Why is Melvin a bust? In six games, he has yet to even start, forced a fumble, however has only put up five tackles.

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6 -Dre Kirkpatrick

Dre Kirkpatrick
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Round 1, 17th overall

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick was taken in the hopes of having what they had with now Houston Texans cornerback Jonathan Joseph. I wasn't that high on him, despite his good height of 6' 1" but he is only 184 lbs. it seems like he wouldn't be able to be physical with big possession wide receivers.

Why is Dre a bust? he's had a nagging knee injury and has yet to be active for a game, and I separate this since it's not a serious season ending injury like an ACL tear or worse.

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5 - Michael Brockers

Michael Brockers

Round 1, 14th overall

St. Louis Rams defensive tackle Michael Brockers was taken after St. Louis traded back twice in the draft in an effort to stockpile draft picks. He's a monster in size at 6' 5" 322 lbs. even at his position and paired next to fellow first round pick in Chris Long, the rams defense should be solid for a while.

Why is Michael a bust? he has been active for and started three games, and has yet to record a single stat, not even a tackle.

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4 - Michael Floyd

Michael Floyd
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Round 1, 13th overall

Michael Floyd is a big physical (6' 3" 205 lbs.) wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals as a compliment to all-pro receiver Larry Fitzgerald. With all the talent, he had some big draw backs in the way of having two DUI's in college, but I can only hope he can put those behind him and stay clean.

Why is Michael a bust? In the first six games, he's only had seven catches for 82 yards with one touchdown and has yet to start a game.

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3 - Dontari Poe

Dontari Poe

Round 1, 11th overall

Kansas City Chiefs big nose tackle Dontari Poe was added to a defensive line that already has two other top three overall first round picks in Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. The pick made since since last year's nose tackle, Kelly Gregg had retired and the Chiefs had no depth at that position.

Why is Dontari is a bust? So far he has only had seven tackles and zero sacks so far.

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2 - Morris Claiborne

Morris Claiborne
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Round 1, 6th overall

The Dallas Cowboys traded up with the St. Louis Rams to get Morris Claiborne who was considered the best cornerback in this year's draft class out of LSU.

Why is Morris a bust? He's only had ten tackles and one pass deflection and he's had some injuries that shouldn't have been too nagging but for Morris they have hampered his development.

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1 - Justin Blackmon

Justin Blackmon

Round 1, 5th overall

Widely considered as the nations best wide receiver, Justin Blackmon was taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the hopes to compliment now second yea quarterback Blaine Gabbert. He is an extremely complete wide receiver, runs excellent routes and catches seemingly everything. With all that good, there is the bad too, like other wide receiver Michael Floyd, he was also arrested for DUI twice before even his pro career got started.

Why is Justin a bust? So far he has only had thirteen catches and 119 yards and no touchdown receptions.

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