Chris Cooley Close To Washington Redskins Return

By Riley Schmitt

Chris Cooley has always been one of those underrated tight ends. He was a staple in the offense of the Washington Redskins for the last few years but was cut during the offseason. Since Fred Davis was lost for the year due to an injury on Sunday, it appears the team will be bringing Cooley back for depth purposes.

This move was extremely obvious to almost anyone who follows football but it is still pretty interesting.  I do not believe they are bringing in Cooley and hoping he can start for the team.  When he does come in, I think it is going to take him a few weeks to get back up to speed with everything.

The Skins have some young guys ahead of him at the position but there is no point in underrating what experience can bring to a team.  The players ahead of him might be more talented but Cooley knows what it takes to play at a high level.  Plus, he is going to have a chance to catch passes from Robert Griffin III.  He has to be chomping at the bit to come back and play.

This deal will probably done Monday or Tuesday and I expect Cooley will be active in one of the next few games.  If he has anything left, the Skins will certainly be happy.

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