Chris Johnson Led the Tennessee Titans to win in Buffalo

By Stephanie Umek
Chris Johnson against Bills
Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Guess who’s back…back again? Finally the Tennessee Titans can get some relief, their star running back looks like his old self again. Not only did Chris Johnson have over 100 yards in the game against the Buffalo Bills, he had those 100 yards, before the first half was even over.

Johnson had 18 carries for 195 yards with two touchdowns for the Titans. He had five of those carries with 104 of those yards by the end of the first quarter. Johnson reached a career mark for himself today, joining a list with only eight other active players with 6,000+ rushing yards.

This is such a great thing, not only for the Titans, but for the NFL. Players like Chris Johnson make it more fun to watch the game. Knowing that he can make plays like rushing for an 80+ yards touchdown without being touched. Are you kidding me? Granted that it was against the second worst defense in the league I don’t care, it is still exciting to watch.

The matchup between him and quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is phenomenal and makes me question really if Jake Locker will come back as the starter when his shoulder is healthy. The shoulder may be healing back together, but with Locker sidelined and Hasselbeck taking over, the Titans offense is healing too. Only time will tell if Locker takes over his position again.

Many are saying that Hasselbeck will play in week eight also against the Indianapolis Colts. Locker is due to get his shoulder reevaluated tomorrow to see what exactly is going on. He still has many years in front of him to play, why run the risk of ruining his career. How many more years does Hasselbeck really have to play anyways?

The Titans also managed to do better with penalties against the Bills. Tennessee had three penalties for a total loss of 25 yards while Buffalo lost 65 yards on eight penalties.

Another milestone that the Titans were able to conquer today was the simple fact of playing better on the road. Tennessee scored their first touchdown within two minutes in the first quarter. That made all the difference in where the momentum went for the game.

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