Indianapolis Colts: Running Game Key to Victory over Cleveland Browns

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts haven’t had much of a running game this season. They only average 86.2 yards per game on the ground which ranked 26th in the league. Much of their struggles weren’t due to the lack of effort of the running backs rather than the line failing to produce holes for them to run through.

Today, the line did a much better job in making holes for both Vick Ballard and Delone Carter. The duo finished for 125 yards on 31 carries to lead the team to the 17-13 victory in Lucas Oil Stadium. The line also blocked well to allow Andrew Luck to rush for two first half touchdowns which proved to be the difference in the game today.

Luck finished for 12 yards on three carries while Mewelde Moore had 11 yards on three carries as well. The team finished with 148 yards on the ground on 37 carries and led this team to the victory.

Credit the line and coaching staff to figure this out and get the lack of running game corrected. The Browns rank 31st against the pass and many thought the Colts would have a huge day through the air. Instead of forcing passes and trying to exploit that they took what the Browns gave them.

Cleveland knew Indianapolis was moving more towards a one-dimensional team and played most of this game in the nickel. Luck saw that and called more run plays at the line since the Browns put more defensive backs out there. The run game allowed Luck to manage the game perfectly as he didn’t turn the ball over once through the air.

The Colts getting six yards five times on first down on the ground allowed Luck to move to play action more. That was the key today.

Indianapolis now is .500 and has a realistic shot at the playoffs. They will only get healthier as Donald Brown is getting closer to coming back and should have a shot at winning in Tennessee next weekend.

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