Indianapolis Colts: Victory Due to Missed Cleveland Opportunites

By Eric Smith
Thomas J. Russo-US PRESSWIRE

You could point to a number of factors for the Indianapolis Colts’ 17-13 victory over the Cleveland Browns today in Lucas Oil Stadium, but none was more than the missed extra point and bad play of the Browns. After a 14-yard pass by Brandon Weeden to Greg Little in the back of the endzone early in the second quarter cut the Colts lead down to 7-6 the Browns faced a sure extra point.

The problem there is extra points aren’t sure.

Many people leave their seats, go to the bathroom, concession stands, refrigerator, etc. after a score and don’t watch the extra point. Today, that missed opportunity was the difference in the game. I said it then that the missed opportunity would be the difference in the game and it definitely was.

The snap was low and the punter didn’t get it down. That allowed the Colts rush to get to them and forced the Browns to just get down and take the loss and no points.

From there on out ,the Browns were always down by one or four and that came back to bite them in the end. When Cleveland was facing fourth and six from deep in the Colts’ zone just after the two minute warning they were forced to go for it instead of kicking a field goal to tie. Instead of getting the three points, Weeden threw too far behind Josh Cooper and allowed the defense to stop the Browns there and secure the victory.

Another missed Browns opportunity came on that very possession as Josh Gordon dropped a beautiful Weeden pass in the endzone that was a sure touchdown that would have given the Browns a 19-17 lead before the extra point. The shadows to the sun definitely was a factor there and he dropped the ball as he had Colts corner Jerraud Powers beat.

The last missed Browns opportunity came on penalty yards and a lack of running game. The Browns had more penalty yards than rush yards 75-55. Those mistakes allowed the Colts to either keep drives going like they did when the Browns jumped offsides on fourth and one before the end of the first half to allow the Colts to keep the drive going or give them bad field position as they had three penalties on returns.

Credit the Colts to getting the job done in a hard fought win, but before we get too high on ourselves and crown the Colts a playoff team they did a lot to nearly lose the game. A win is a win and I’m happy with that, but lets stop short and be happy that Cleveland did a lot to hurt themselves in today’s game. That’s why the Colts are 3-3 in a rebuilding mode and the Browns are 1-6 though.

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