NFL Rumors: Daniel Thomas Back for Week 8

By Craig Ballard

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The Miami Dolphins running game is struggling lately. The great running games at the beginning of the season have been followed by 3 straight very poor running games. Weeks 1,2,3 Miami was averaging 175 yards on the ground, and 2 TDs per game. In the last 3 weeks Miami has 3 rushing TDs total, and a putrid 63 rushing yards per game.

Word out of Miami is that the running game could get a boost coming out of Week 7’s bye.

For one thing, the week off should allow Reggie Bush to recoup his banged-up body, but word is that back-up RB Daniel Thomas has been cleared to return to practise from concussion issues, and should be ready to take on the New York Jets in the upcoming Week 8.

Thomas got his rookie 2011 season off to a terrific start, but a hamstring issue forced him to miss some time, and when he returned he was not as good as before. In 2012 Thomas has now had a concussion issue twice in the last 5 weeks. Yikes.

Just FYI those 2 concussions were #48 and #95 of the 104 (and counting) properly reported NFL concussions so far in 2012.

The word is when Thomas does return he will be wearing a helmet with extra padding on top of the regular helmet.

Thomas’ size and running style seem to put his head at risk far too often. The new (bigger) helmet will help in absorbing the shock, likely even spreading the shock/impact out (attempting to decrease/minimize trauma to the brain). He has been the butt of his teammates jokes due to the large helmet, but clearly player safety is paramount.

I am not a fan of Thomas. He has been horrid on short yardage plays, and not real good in any other situations either. He is averaging 3.1 yards per carry this season, 3.5 for his career. He has fumbled too often also. I significantly prefer Jorvorskie Lane for the short yardage, and Lamar Miller as the #2 RB, however thee most important thing is any players well being and safety so I wish Thomas luck in his rumored return.

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