Not Even Stick'em Could Help the San Diego Chargers Beat the Denver Broncos

By Craig Moir
Jake Roth-US Presswire

On NFL Monday Night Football last week, the Denver Broncos went into Qualcomm Stadium and mounted the single greatest comeback on a Monday night in the history of the game.  One week later,’s Jay Glazer has reported that a San Diego Chargers equipment man was found by a line judge to be hiding a stick’em-like substance in a bag.  You can only imagine what Philip Rivers is yelling to the sideline in the picture above.

Somehow, I think that Rivers needed a lot more than just stick’em in order to fend off that massive defensive rushing scheme and impressive performance by Peyton Manning and the Broncos to not lose that game.  No matter when the substance was found (it is probably safe to assume that it was close to halftime), Rivers would have been helped more by being served a V8, being he could not find a balance to his game in the second half while throwing four INTs.

Clearly the Chargers broke the league rules and will be properly sanctioned after it is known how many and what players were involved.  But the fact still remains that the Broncos went out in the third quarter and mounted 35 unanswered points to a team that cheats.  Regardless of Rivers being one of the players or not, the fact still remains that under Norv Turner, the QB has not been able to surpass his individual stats and elevate his team to a championship.

The moral of this story is clearly that cheaters never win, and now, as in BountyGate with the New Orleans Saints and SpyGate with the New England Patriots, the question must be asked: how long has this been going on?  If you are a member of the Chargers organization or a fan, the only real question I would be asking is if Turner has stick’em on his play book, because clearly his job should be tenuous at best.


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