Aaron Rodgers On Pace to Win Second Straight MVP

By Kevin Van Pelt



Last season was a record-breaking season for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He threw 46 touchdown passes to just six interceptions on his way to winning his first MVP award. In 2012, Rodgers and the Packers offense was criticized for their sluggish start, but now the team seems to be back to their 2011 form with Rodgers leading the way.

In his last two games, Rodgers has thrown nine touchdowns and no interceptions to give the Packers a two-game winning streak to give the Packers a winning record for the first time this season. Now sitting at 4-3, the Packers now will face the Jacksonville Jaguars who only have one win on the season and will be without their best player Maurice Jones-Drew because of injury.

Rodgers is leading his team on and off the field again just like last season and has the stats to backup what he says. So far Rodgers has 19 touchdown passes, which leads the league and just four interceptions and is second best in completion percentage at 69.8 percent. At this point last season, Rodgers had 20 touchdowns and just three interceptions and finished the season with a completion percentage of 68.3 percent. With his stats virtually the same, Rodgers is clearly the front runner to win MVP if he can keep this pace up.

The only difference with this season compared to last is the team’s records. At this point last year the Packers were still undefeated on their way to finishing the regular season with a record of 15-1. With the Packers losing some close games, critics were quick to jump on Rodgers and the Green Bay offense for not duplicating what they had done in 2011. However, what they did that year was record-breaking and was never seen before. The bar was set too high and everyone’s expectations were way too high. Now, Rodgers is back to his old form putting together two straight games of consistent and efficient play.

Another benefit for Rodgers to wining the MVP this season is that there is no one in the league this year that stands out with their performance. There is no team that sticks out above the rest except for the Atlanta Falcons. Matt Ryan has been having an exceptional year so far besides for his last game where he threw three interceptions, but he is the biggest challenger to being the new MVP of the league. Ryan has 14 touchdowns and six interceptions and has led the Falcons high-powered offense to an undefeated season through six games.

The Packers success goes through Rodgers and that has been clear the past two games. When Rodgers is at his best, the Packers are almost unbeatable. His importance for his team gives him a big advantage when MVP voting is done. Rodgers has been having this success with virtually no running game which makes what he has done even more impressive. Last game against the St. Louis Rams was a good example of this. Running back Alex Green ran the ball 20 times for only 35 yards. Rodgers carries the offense on his back and has clearly shown through seven games this season that he is the frontrunner to win MVP again.


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