Carolina Panthers: No Time For Cam Newton to Turn Into Clark Kent

By Timothy Holland
Jeremy Brevard- US PRESSWIRE

A quarterback has to have confidence. Carolina Panthers signal caller Cam Newton doesn’t seem to have much at the moment. With his teams record at 1-5 Newton sounds like a beaten man more and more each week. This is no time for a man who calls himself Superman to turn into Clark Kent.

Sunday, Newton talked to the media after Carolina’s 19-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys and simply stated that something had to change. He didn’t know what, but something had to change if the Panthers are going to turn things around. The man sitting at the podium sounded like he had no idea what to do.

The first thing that Newton has to do is not let his teammates see him discouraged. No matter how bad things are the one person who can not get down is the quarterback. Newton is the man that Carolina looks to for confidence. If they see him down then it will harm their play. No team believes it can win if they feel their quarterback does not.

Newton has not had the type of season he expected to in 2012. After setting NFL rookie records for passing yards and touchdowns in 2011, he won league rookie of the year. It was believed that the number one overall draft pick had silenced critics who did not think he had the arm and accuracy to be a good pro quarterback.

This season has not been good since opening day. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held Newton and the Panthers to 10 points. After their only victory of the season against the New Orleans Saints, Carolina hosted the defending world champion New York Giants on a Thursday night. The Panthers got hammered 36-7. Carolina has gone on to lose their last three and is on a four game losing streak.

With their 1-5 record the Panthers can pretty much forget about winning the NFC South. They are five games behind the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. As for winning a wildcard, Carolina doesn’t have much chance of accomplishing this either.

The only way that the Panthers can salvage their season is by getting Newton on track. Whether they make the playoffs or not Carolina has to think of its future. With a confident and effective Newton at quarterback it is a bright one. Without him, the Panthers might go back to being the team which finished last in 2010.

Carolina’s coaches can only do so much. They can set up game plans. The can design plays which Newton is comfortable with and maximize his talents. However, the history of Newton’s career must be written by him. If he is to be successful then regaining his confidence is a must.

It is okay for Newton to criticize himself when he looks in the mirror. However, when he walks away from it Newton must feel as though he has the S on his chest which he is always pointing to.

This is no time for Newton to turn into Clark Kent.

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