Cleveland Browns 1-6 Record Unacceptable, But Rookie QB Brandon Weeden Is Here To Stay

By Ryan Ruiz
Thomas J. Russo-US Presswire

If the sunlight in the end zone is just four feet south, Cleveland Browns rookie receiver Josh Gordon makes the potentially game winning touchdown catch and every Browns fan in the world is celebrating a victory. We would all be talking about Brandon Weeden‘s  impressive game of over 300 yards, 3 touchdowns, and QB rating over 100. Instead, we sulk in yet another foolish loss and get to start our Monday off in a bad mood.

What’s overlooked in the whole situation is week six. Because of the loss to the Indianapolis Colts, week six’s victory against the Cincinnati Bengals is completely worthless. Cleveland had something to build on after the impressive win over the Bengals. Throw all of that out the window. The Browns dropped to an unacceptable 1-6 and Pat Shurmur‘s play calling has reached an all time low. Why is Brad Childress even on the coaching staff if Shurmur calls the plays?! How can you not come away scratching your head on this one? For the record, Andrew Luck and the Colts are not that good.

Fortunately, as fans that are not front runners, with every loss endured we try to find positives to build on. How can you not feel positive about Weeden? Remember when he threw four picks, had a terrible QB rating, and everyone was ready to hang him? The 29 year old has bounced back with a vengeance. In Sunday’s loss to the Colts, Weeden did everything in his power to win the contest. Throughout the game, Weeden was seen standing strong in the pocket, stepping up through the pocket, not locking his eyes on his reads, scrambling for a first down, and throwing seeds only where his receivers could catch them.

The first year player from the Oklahoma State Cowboys completed 25 of 41 passes and threw for 264 yards. Weeden found Greg Little and Gordon for his 2 touchdown strikes. The Browns’ signal caller now has 9 touchdown passes on the season. All of his efforts were spoiled with yet another “L” in the right column of the standings for the Browns.

Watching new owner Jimmy Haslam‘s reaction in his suite was disheartening to say the least. There was a sense of bad relief. In one game, Haslam has gone through the same pain and frustration we have gone through for a very long time. It is obvious he will not tolerate this type of losing for long.

To say this is getting old is an absolute understatement. The sad thing is, the Browns are much better than their record indicates. Terrible play calling and having absolutely no clue how to close out a ball game are destroying them. Efforts must be vastly increased on the defensive side of the ball if they have chance at all against the visiting San Diego Chargers this week.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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